Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is a scientifically proven mind technique to access our natural psychic ability, and to break through the time/space barrier and perceive events in the present, the past, and the future, be they near or far.

Many methods were discovered and perfected by both Western and Eastern European Intelligence Agencies, and also by a special US Army Spying unit. Unfortunately, in the paranoid world of Intelligence Agencies these mind powers were developed into tools for psychic espionage, and the realm of parapsychology soon turned into a classified psychic battlefield.

Civilian use of remote viewing
However, not all is lost. Out of the chaos of psychological warfare a new field emerged, as these same methods can easily be adapted for civilian use. And even though most people still see remote viewing as something that's about psychic spies and psychological warfare, more and more truth seekers and soul searchers discovered remote viewing as a tool for peaceful use and spiritual growth, and a safe way to explore the non-physical realms of the great Mind.

Everybody knows that when you enter the realm of the mind, things begin to happen. It's like you can't touch one aspect of your mind without being touched by another. Doing meditation hightens your intuition. Learning remote viewing teaches you to still your mind and opens up the possibility to experience yourself as your true being. This in itself can change your life. Today, my life's reality is no longer a struggle, but a happy challenge instead. More about that in From MindChatter to Inner Peace.

Remote Influencing:

Remote Influencing is the art of attracting people and situations you desire into your life. We are all influencing reality, whether we realize it or not. Becoming aware of this fact is the beginning to awakening to our immense creative potential for conscious creation. Dare to be who you really are and click here to read more about the remote influencing technique used by thousands of people to consciously create and influence their reality.

Change your mind to change your life
Many people are looking for a way to change their life. But once they get a chance to actually do something to implement any change at all, they hesitate. Something is holding them back and they don't know what it is or why... Great chances are wasted out of fear, resulting in increasing feelings of discontent and self depriciation. That's no happy stuff. Remote Influencing can help to make that inner shift that's needed to set a new course in life and find inner peace and happiness.

Whoa! So many books...!

There are so many books... Should we really read them all? I wish I had the time to do so! It sure helps to read a lot about Remote Viewing and related subjects, because the more you read about it, the more your brain gets trained and willing to cooperate. Be it books about the experiences of other people, or scientific explanations of what we're trying to comprehend.

As there are too many books for one page, I split them up in categories. Introducing you to:

For any of the books mentioned on this web site, it goes that at some point they contributed in some way to the personal growth of somebody. So have a look, and let your own wisdom guide you to whatever title appeals to you.

Online reading:
The Coordinate Remote Viewing Manual
is an interesting read, and -I guess- gives some idea about Military RV and the way they did it in that hush-hush US Army Spying Unit everybody is always talking about. Some of the institutes use this CRV-manual in their training, some don't.
Read online: The CRV-Manual.

Gerald O'Donnell

Who is Gerald O'Donnell? If you choose to learn remote viewing and/or remote influencing with ARVARI, sooner or later you will come in contact with Mr. Gerald O'Donnell. Busy as he may be, he often manages to beat his staff in picking up the phone, as training and guiding his students is still his 'favorite part of the job'. If you're curious about the man behind ARVARI, read Gerald O'Donnell's Biography.

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What happened to the Matrix??!

Not to worry, I didn't abandon the Matrix!
I've put the whole caboodle on a spot of its own and gave it a new look. For the Matrix Movies Scripts and Transcripts, and of course the Original Matrix Script, and the Matrix Reloaded-Revolution Shadow Script follow this link to The Matrix Truth. Enjoy. :)


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