The Little Ivy Leaf

Remote viewing a little ivy leaf.
It is a wonderful feeling to be connected to an animal or plant and to experience its being by being it for a few moments. The experience itself may not last long, but it doesn't have to. Even those few moments are enough to come to a deeper understanding of life, reality, and our own being alive in our reality.

First there is the refreshing discovery of the other being. If our target is close enough to us, we may happen to perceive ourself through the target, the other being. If the experience lasts long enough to comprehend on a deeper level, we may come to the realization that even though we now "are" (experience being) the other, we also are ourself.

Through this somewhat shocking mirror-effect, dawns a new realization: We are both. We are our self, and we are the other. The "other" being all that our mind has always made us believe that we are not. This knowing doesn't come from our human mind. It comes from beyond the mind, from pure consciousness. Connecting to something as simple as a little ivy leaf, can help us break through limits we weren't even aware we had. :)

This report from Patti Jeane Spencer about remote viewing a little ivy leaf is one of my favorit

Student's Testimonial:
This is so fascinating! I had to write and tell you about this morning.  I believe I was doing the
6A RV tape and thinking I would not be too good at it as I just don't seem to be able to do it, sometimes I feel like giving up on that part of the course as it seems all to be my imagination and I'm not sure of myself in any of the impressions.

And so this morning as I started that tape early, I was thinking more on just finishing that tape so I would complete that part of it and get back to the other tapes I like better. I almost picked the tree outside but I'm not really familiar with it since I have moved into town, not like I was with my two old trees when I lived in the country. My little ivy plant kept coming back to me and seemed to be pulling me so I decided to use it instead of a tree this time. Also, I thought that the tree probably would be easier- perhaps more intelligent - since it was bigger and the little ivy plant didn't have much experience at all. It is new, just now growing into a big plant and came from a store.

Little Ivy LeafI was very impressed to pick it out of all the rest when I bought it, I always try to get impressions about things, even little things like that. So I mentally saw the leaf and held to my forehead and then listened to your voice, thinking all the time "I can't really do this"! What you said on the first tape about "I can remote view" kept coming to me inside my heart and I kept thinking, "No, I really can't I don't think I am really doing it at all"!  Then suddenly I was the leaf! I really was the little ivy leaf! It was so very real! I still am just thinking about it, so excited...I really did remote view and become the ivy leaf! It was a very small leaf, smaller than the rest, and at the very rim of the pot. All the leaves above it were so very huge in comparison. There's no doubt at all in my mind that I experienced it. Then it really proved itself out as I later looked at the ivy plant. I had never really looked at it well in detail...but when I suddenly became the little leaf -it was a very small leaf, much smaller than the rest- I saw myself  right underneath other big, huge leaves.  Like  being in a forest with tall-stemmed plants with huge leaves overhead, most of them pointing to the right, leaning toward the right over my head (as the small leaf). Just for an instant there was fear, as I'm sure the little leaf felt my presence. Then there was only feeling of protection sensing the leaves above...and I more than sensed them, I saw them, but not with my eyes...I saw them very clearly above my head, then I was me again...and I knew I had done it! I really did remote view, I really can do it! For an instant, I became the leaf. Thank you. As I looked at the ivy plant a while ago, all the bigger leaves are growing toward the right and sort of leaning that way, that's the way the light is from where the plant is...and right at the rim of the pot grows a very small little leaf, much smaller than the other big leaves... Though I have always been kind to animals and plants and taken care of them, I have a new feeling about plants an growing things and that little leaf, and all the little leaves around. I will be very, very careful to not hurt them in any way accidentally. I have always felt people that wanted to just cut trees down to beautify their land or for convenience were not too spiritual! But I never had the feeling for little leaves and small things as I will henceforth...

It was a very teaching and learning experience I have just had...I will never forget the feeling of "being" the little leaf and the sudden fear of some great presence overshadowing it for an instant, then knowing that the presence was really me and that there was nothing to fear. So now I know I can 
remote view, I have finally succeeded and I feel very peaceful and as though I reached a new plateau in my existence here on earth. And I understand a bit now what Jakob Boehme experienced. Its very hard to explain it as it really was, but I'm sure you understand... I will never be the same again, not quite...
P.J. - May 08, 2004

Namaste, and thank you, Patti Jean, for sharing this experience. :)

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