Gerald O'Donnell in front of the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel, February 2005Gerald O'Donnell's Biography

Looking for Gerald O'Donnell's Biography? You have come to the right place! About the founder and President of ARVARI, the Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing:

When you do the Remote Viewing or Remote Influencing Thought and Reality Course, at some point you may have some questions about the material or about your progress as a student. The best way to contact the Academy for a fast answer has always been the telephone. Don't be surprised if your call is being answered by Mr. O'Donnell ("Please, call me Gerald... ") himself, as guiding his students is still his favorite part of the job.

Here a bit more about "The Man behind the Academy":
When you read his biography on his site you may wonder why a man of his caliber would have chosen to leave his very successful career behind, and dedicate his time and efforts to an institute like the Academy of Remote Viewing. Believe me, there is a huge difference between working as a technical commodity expert for companies like Pain Webber (now USB Paine Webber), and teaching people Remote Viewing and Influencing.

But when you have a closer look at the person of Mr. O'Donnell, it soon becomes very clear what has moved him to make this radical change. The world dictates us to study and develop our skills on an academical level. Gerald O'Donnell's BiographyOne has to make a living. When a child shows impressive mathematical talents and remarkable intelligence, it is no wonder its social environment will guide it towards a mathematical education, which in this day and age may easily lead to a follow up in Computer Science. Interests in higher ideals, like the desire to become a veterinarian, or even getting a certification as a hypnotherapist, are usually derided and brushed away into the realm of unproductive 'hobbies'.

In the course of his life Mr. O'Donnell has touched many fields. It was no surprise to me to find out that he once has been one of the most recommended market prediction gurus in the financial arena. His affinity with the financial market still shows up on his web site, today, and his predictions in the matter regularly astonish the most skeptical in the financial field.

2005However, like so often happens in life, sooner or later the brushed away 'hobbies' found a way to show their real potential. Intelligence Agencies don't look at diplomas, but rather at what any person might possibly be able to contribute to their program of interests.

It was from this point of view that Mr. O'Donnell

was approached by a Western European Intelligence Agency in order to join and set up an experimental program of mental espionage (Remote Viewing) and mind control technologies in order to increase the precognitive abilities and intelligence gathering effectiveness of deep-cover agents and counter-terrorists teams. The effort was also meant to keep up with very advanced Eastern European developments in these psychotronic fields. His personal discoveries in that period of his life, about which he seldom speaks, undoubtedly brought out the essence of the man as how we know him today: a person with great inner strength, based on the deep kindness of his heart.

He decided to withdraw from the Intelligence community, and to dedicate his life and acquired knowledge to the benefit of all mankind. In his own calm, humoristic and non-pretentious ways, he explains complex matters like the workings of our inner mind, and shows in a comprehensible way how we can explore our inner Kingdom and influence our reality.

2005The techniques he has developed and now teaches to others, allow us to understand that we indeed create our own mental prisons and restrictions, and that we have made ourselves victims of ancient convictions that form a great barrier between us and our birthright to the basic principle of manifesting the joy this life is meant to offer us. The man who foresees world events and who never gets tired of preaching care and brotherhood, shows us that the door to inner happiness stands wide open to all of us.

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