Remote Influencing

Dare to Be Who You Really Are
The remote influencing technique is a great way to help you influence your reality to be able to live the life you desire, and to be the person you always wanted to be. For some people this may sound pretty incredible, but it's important to realize that you were meant to be that what you desire to be.

Opening Up To Your True Being
Your desire is merely an indication of what you deep down (subconsciously) know to be your true being and its (your) life purpose. Bringing this BEINGness into your consciousness, opens the door for your true being to emerge and for your life to take the form you wish for.

By using Remote Influencing you intensify the process, which will help you to stay on course in your quest for true happiness.

Once you learn how to consciously access the Theta and Delta state of mind you will be able to explore the very wide realms of your own inner Self. By training and refocusing the inner mind you can develop the powers that will enable you to take control over your self and over your life.

Remote Influencing Course

The Out of the Matrix Remote Influencing Thought and Reality Course by the Academy of Remote Viewing is an excellent course that will teach you how to access levels of your deep unconscious vibratory self (Delta level of Mind and beyond), while remaining in a conscious aware state, that will allow you to easily mold reality to your highest and best desires.

From the Introduction to Out of the Matrix:

  • You will discover how to access incredibly high levels of Creative energy that allow for the rapid manifestation of desires based upon your thoughts.
  • You will learn about the real Rules and Laws of co-Creation.
  • You will be given an essential, and up-to-now secret key to influencing, which has been missing from most creative positive visualization programs, causing them to operate haphazardly and ineffectively.
  • You will learn to deprogram yourself easily from past fear/conditioning, including that which has been inherited through your social/genetic background. You will experience profound healing of old known or hidden emotional and soul scars. You will regain the constant vigor and exciting trepidation of youth.
  • You will learn to overcome the often-deleterious effects of mass consciousness and mind control and to disconnect from their influence.
  • You will regain your real freedom of thought and free will of action.
  • You will be gifted back the key to your own inner guidance system that will always steer you towards better-chosen realities.
  • You will use the Delta level of brain activity, usually reserved for the realm of unconscious sleep, as a portal "Stargate" to the higher realms of highly energized vibrational light, where thought alone powerfully remote influences reality and the thoughts of other individuals.
  • You will be trained to activate special centers in your brain that will cleanse your thought processes, and/or energize your desired manifestations. Other centers will be used to enter the realm of physical anesthesia, or even parallel realms of light/creation.

  • You will discover how to powerfully influence the thoughts of others for your mutual benefit and the benefit of all mankind.
  • You will understand the relationship between sound and vibratory light, giving rise to our material holographic universe.
  • You will be shown and will understand how incredibly powerful fear/anxiety is, and why it is imperative to rapidly shift towards a joyful, optimistic-based type of Creation.
  • You will understand how mass media and entertainment, more often than not, creates the world you surround yourself with. You will become much more aware of its thought/impact.
  • You will be guided to build a self-defense shield of protection around yourself that will keep you safe from the undesirable influencing thoughts of others; especially those of mass consciousness movements.
  • You will raise the vibratory rate of your consciousness, the consciousness of the individuals with whom you interact, and eventually the whole of Mankind, through projecting pure joy and playfulness. Fear and its lower dark vibrations will have no more power over you.
  • You will find out how to muster and harness the extremely high vibratory sexual light/energy of consciousness-unification in order to become a powerful creator and remote influence All Thought. These highest powers of Creational endeavors have been intentionally and jealously guarded secrets by some very ancient traditions and old cabalists, because they embody the highest level of manifestation powers. Due to the crucial period in which we live, it is our intent to openly reveal them to all. The time has come to reopen the book of old sacred knowledge.
  • You will be taught how to leave our old fear-based "Matrix."
  • You will learn to understand the essence of sleep, and how sleep can powerfully be used in order to program, create, and influence your world and others'.
  • You will learn to use the power of lucid dreaming in order to manifest realities in the "awake state."
  • You will heal yourself, your beloved ones, the human family and all planet Earth of all the neglect, aggression, violations that are and have been perpetrated throughout the ages.
  • You will enter realities of perfection, of body, mind, and spirit. Disease will be easily remedied by recalibration of your energy fields and creative visualization.
  • You will learn how to restructure and heal the etheric body that carries the real software information upon which the biological DNA (hardware programmed computer) fetches its real instruction for constant balancing, protein building, cell construction, and healing of your biological self.
  • You will experience a deep sense of connection with your Higher Self and the Higher Self of the Universe, through the media of nature and its very high vibrations. You will be given "portals" within the vibratory realm of Nature that will automatically put you in touch with the non-physical realm of vibratory light that manifests here as our material reality.
  • You will raise the vibrations of your loved ones and eventually of this magnificent planet, so that aggression, neglect and misused power will not find sympathetic resonant recipients.
  • You will experience the "Kingdom" within and act as the 'King" of your universe.
  • To our knowledge, most of the material presented in this Remote Influencing training has never been openly exposed anywhere before.
  • Much of the material in the Remote Influencing Thought and Reality Training Course originates from the Delta level and beyond. Please make good use of it for yourself, your loved ones, and the whole of humanity.
    Gerald O'Donnell, President Academy of Remote Viewing.)

Impressive Students' Feedback
When first published on tape in 2002, the Academy got a massive flood of positive feedback from its students about the course. In 2006 the course was converted to cd, and still the positive feedback continues to roll in.

By now Remote Influencing has proven to be a very practical and wonderful technique for conscious creation, helping the trainee to consistently work on improving his or her reality.

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