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F. Format:

         Following is the format for a typical Stage VI session:

Viewer's Summary: Site is composed of two churches. One church, which is old and made of hand-hewn stones, has been damaged by war. There is a lot of rubble around it. The new church is very modern in design. Both are located in an area with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and an international flavor. The older church as been left as a monument to remind the people of today of the war atrocities of the past. The new church now serves the same purpose as the older church did at one time--a house of worship.

Note: At the end of a session, the viewer will often produce a short summary of the data contained in session structure as an aid in tying together the information derived from the signal line.

Feedback note: Site is the new Kaiser Wilhelm Church and the war-torn older Kaiser Wilhelm Church, which are side-by-side in Berlin, Germany. The older church, demolished by bombing during World War II, has been left to stand as a monument and a reminder to all who visit.


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