Non-spiritual Remote Viewer! Part II

Also the US government "Remote Viewing technology" (CRV-manual) can be downloaded in its totality for free on the net as it is now in the public domain. I find very interesting that this particular company should refer to "capitalizing on their concept of remote viewing". I checked their prices (well of course, after the good results I got from your courses, I was interested in maybe testing another method, so I wanted to see what their prices were). The two cheapest ones were 200$ each and they were for learning how to win at gambling and how to find your ideal mate (considering they talk about themselves as holding the flag for real, technical, "traditional" RV, I found those titles a bit out of the RV-repertoire though a fun idea in itself). But to buy those you were first required to take the two previous courses, 500$ each. (The second course was said to cost 700$ but if you had purchased the first one at 500$ you'd get the second one with 500$. The only oddity here being in my mind that you were supposed to have gone through course number 1 before you were allowed to buy number 2, there's no way you could order the second one for 700$!  Very noble in my mind to give a discount that doesn't really exist)

Even the basic prize of 500$ per course is a lot lot more than the Academy of Remote Viewing asks for RV and RI put together. So the question rises of course who is capitalizing here? You need to pay at least 1000$ to go through their course, to begin with. That is not a small sum of money.

Also if they talk about you specifically as being greedy I wonder... When I approached you I had no extra money and wanted to hear if you had any used courses that you might sell cheaper. What you answered was that if I did a diary on all my experiences with the course, you'd give me the RV course for free. No matter how I try, I can't see this to be a very greedy act. You didn't even know who I was, but were ready to give your course away as a gift in return for something I would have done anyway - a diary of my experiences. This request on its own proved to me that you were really more interested to see how well your methods work. I remember the vivid discussions we had on my results. You were not pretending to be interested. You WERE intensely interested.

And about "latching on the RV-term to garner credibility from the scientific acceptance of a program that got its start in the confines of military intelligence." Well, I'd say if this company accused others of doing this, then it is exactly the same thing they themselves are doing. They did not invent RV. None of them were in military RV units. They are using certain methodologies in their approach to the skill. You are also using a methodology (which BTW after combining it with the RV and RI courses that you teach and using some aspects of the army manual I find to be efficient and working). Besides, referring to "scientific acceptance"... Is it really there? As far as I remember, there is quite a debate going on whether RV is "legitimate" or not, or "scientific" for that matter. The question still lingers: was money wasted on programs like Stargate and Grillflame etc? So the only thing really you can rely on are the results.
You put yours on display. People's feedback with real email-addresses. Anyone can contact them and check their experiences. You are not in between there, trying to control what is said. Quite honest behavior in my opinion.

There is a lively students' online community discussing RV and also your courses. You participate sometimes and let discussion flow freely. It is not even your forum. Only a freely based association of individuals. You are not trying to control it.

My own results using your RV methods have been quite profound. Do you remember the
feedback I sent to you? I was only half-way through ARVs RV-course when I already saw that very first female bomber in Jerusalem. The first female suicide bomber ever in human history. And I hadn't done any RV in my life before that. Also other terrorist attacks. I have searched with your methods for wanted terrorists and the best hit was Osama
Bin Laden I think. I saw him in a certain country, could even see the map and locate his route, saw that he was moving with a small group of people.  I got partial names of the cities and later on they were really found on the map. I saw his destination, where he was going and why. And two weeks later I read at an official newspaper here that intelligence sources ("reliable") said he had been exactly where I saw him at that exact time, moving with a small group of people. Of course I can�t verify this as I have no idea what "reliable intelligence source" this was but it had ended in the newspaper via an international news agency. Also this particular newspaper is not any free leaflet but almost a 100-year old respected publication and an "official" newspaper. This happened two months after I had finished ARVARI's RV-course.

After this I have been asked to do real RV targets (corporate and private) and sometimes the results have been astonishingly accurate. One person asked me about a certain project not revealing in what country it was, only a person involved. I saw him, other people involved, their occupations and the country, details of this project (technical info) I could not have known. The person who asked me this tried to influence me by asking deliberately if this project was to take place at certain coordinates within this country and I used your methods and saw it quite elsewhere. And ended up exactly where it really was. Later on this person said she had to look over her shoulder as it seemed I was reading the very report she was asking about from behind her back.

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