Non-spiritual Remote Viewer! Part III

So if this other company says that you and your methods are a fraud I must very much disagree. Results - mine and others' - speak loud and clear!

Now I have been working in marketing for 16 years. One thing I have learned is that you do not slander your competitors. People are not stupid. If they see you selling your product by belittling others, it usually is because the quality is no longer good for customers. I mean that companies doing that are a red flag for me and I, at the very least, start asking what's wrong with their product if this is the way they have to fish for customers with dishonest methods. A satisfied customer tells the good news to his/her friends. I also got your link originally from one such person, and I sure am glad I did.

And about your connections to intelligence agencies. Not my place to start commenting on that. And quite frankly I am not even interested. All I can say that in all other contacts with you I have met integrity, honesty and caring, real interest in your students´┐Ż progress. So I don't see why you would have lied on that one. So if this other company says there are "many others out there peddling their shams; like Gerald O'Donnell and Glenn Wheaton who think they can fool the public by just making false claims of clandestine government remote viewing backgrounds" I'd like to know what the "false claims" they refer to exactly are. And how would they have known about foreign Western operations since they never ever operated within any intelligence agency. Also do they perhaps only accept US government RV background? (After all there are other governments in this world too, the last I checked. Not everyone is working for or with the US-military methods.)

Obviously you are doing something right to make them so scared of your success.

By reading the
feedback section on your site I've seen enough evidence that your courses have delivered. If one company is losing market because you sell your course cheaper and teach people quicker with different methods than they do... Well, maybe they should review their own methods? There are different schools of thought in everything - let people choose the one they think is good for them. As far as I have learned anything, there never is "one and only truth" to anything. There are different methods, there are different people, there is different learning. What works for one isn't necessarily as efficient with someone else. No need for -isms. Our world is big enough for all. And I, for one, am a person who wants to approach the same subject from different viewpoints. I can see myself using different RV methods.

"you are in danger of being lumped into a growing number of frauds and charlatans who give the term "remote viewing" a fictitious image. That's why its important that you understand the difference. Just because someone uses the term "remote viewing "doesn't mean that is what they are doing. Many that we have seen peddling their products today do not actually have a clue about what it is or how it works"

Are we starting a "cult?"

Strange comments coming from someone who in the next June issue keeps on boasting of having sketched the kidnapper of Elizabeth Smart, and has taken all prior references away from her web site about the fact that she was supposedly hired by the Smart family and that her 14 Remote Viewers saw the child dead and even described the location of her body. Information that was communicated to the poor parents, who thank heavens were reunited with their daughter a couple of days latter when the police found her alive and reasonably well:
A return from obscurity.

Well, I repeat: I dislike the insinuation directed to you here. When I have called you / written to you, your advice has helped me a lot to RV better. So in that respect I'd say you certainly know RV and how it works. (Not to mention you usually answer your phone yourself. That is customer service not found much in this world anymore) Also this kind of sentence is cheap negative psychology. It tries to raise people's suspicions towards everyone else but this particular company. Instead it might be wiser to just concentrate on what each and every company does best. A little marketing advice again: sometimes it is good for business to have similar companies around. Think of a serious shopper - s/he wants to have many companies with different products in the same line so the "assortment" is big enough. S/he then chooses what best suits her/him. So put up one shop and hope other ones with similar lines of product come nearby and you all get more visitors.

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