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Leena Pekkalainen sent the Academy of Remote Viewing this comment on the RV/RI courses on May 15, 2002. The original post can be found here.

Subject: Remote Viewing several terrorist attacks in advance, and experiences in Remote Influencing


I kept a diary all through listening the RV course and looking back I see things happening all the time. Some of the "happenings" were short ones like looking at a pool of liquid gold or falling through clouds of color. Some were more profound. Once I saw clearly stars swooshing by and ended up somewhere that felt very very far away in space. There was a cluster of lights I knew to be living, the only thing that came to mind was that they were souls. I just "knew" it. Right after that I went back to Earth and ended up in ancient Greece (I had decided beforehand I wanted to go to that particular spot, Dodona). I saw clearly two stone slabs with grass growing in between and looked at my feet - no sandals. I wanted to have sandals but could not imagine them there. I was a girl, about 15 years of age, servant to an oracle (an elderly lady). There was more to it, quite a vivid experience.

Twice (after listening to RV cassette 3b) I asked specifically to see if a terrorist attack was in store. The first time I saw a female bomber in Jerusalem, described all she did and where to my husband (saying that was nonsense, women don't do these attacks) and exactly one week later it was on the news. The time of the day, her looks (which I saw later), that busy business street, everything. Even her emotions and motivations seemed to match the facts I learned about her later on. It really was strange to see a deja-vu on the TV screen.

The second time I saw a man preparing for a bombing in Jerusalem (again). I contacted Mr. O'Donnell later that evening and described everything to him. I had not quite finished when he said to me he just heard it on the news (there was nothing in the news about that yet). Again the time of day was right (early evening), that it was a lonely man and that it was going to happen in an Orthodox-Jewish area.

I haven't received my RI cassettes yet - they should arrive this week. I have been reading the booklet that came first and the info there is basically describing the structure of our "matrix" and how to influence it and direct your life, contact your higher self.

But I have manifested with the RV all right. One actual manifestation was that I send a book I wrote to several publishers, targeted one specifically (trying to make them answer yes). And they contacted me, said they were very interested in what I wrote, asked me to do certain corrections to the text and send it back. Now that was really something! I don't know yet if it will be published but then I only tried to manifest a "yes"-letter, nothing more.

I have also done some contacting to people - making them look at me, simply as a test do I connect to their minds. Often it works, especially if I manage to imitate their vibratory level first. The babies are most fun, they are so open minded. Animals also react.

I haven't really tried to manifest physical things into my life (like jewelry, cars and such) but some minor "scratch-off"-winnings. Went to shops and tried to RV if there was a winning ticket and then took the one that gave the best feeling. I can say it works.

Also I made a strong wish in Theta of cooperating with certain people (in practicing RI). Only a few hours later they all of a sudden contacted me and asked if I would like to join their group that practices RI. The very same people!

I have had a busy spring, reading for an exam. Now it's over and I have more time in my hands to study more RV / RI.

I know this is not a very detailed description, so if you have any specific question you'd like to ask, please do so. It is always nice to talk with people who share the same interests! Also if you decide to order the
courses, I'm more than happy to share experiences.

Leena :-)
May 15, 2002

From Leena Pekkalainen
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