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Matrix Reloaded-Revolutions
Shadow Script Part 25

TRINITY enters the booth as the phone starts ringing.

It's the moment Smith was waiting for.

HE BURSTS out of the door, gun firing at the booth. Inside, glass shatters, and blood sprays as Trinity is riddled with bullets. Smith doesn't stop. He sprays for an eternity, even firing as she collapses, phone still ringing. Her body slumps, smearing blood against the booth door as it shuts from her weight.


TRINITY'S body spasms violently against her harness as her life signs go berserk. She's not dead, but death is only seconds away. Circa screams, but Razor is locked, staring at the screen with the intensity from which he derived his name.


MORPHEUS and NIOBE open fire. Smith shudders, flickers violently, his body moving too fast to follow as the two rebels empty their clips at him. The actions of the guns stop in the open position, barrels and empty chambers smoking, as the last empty shells patter to the ground.

MORPHEUS throws the guns down and turns to Niobe.


"Get her out."

NIOBE dives for the shattered booth, kicking away the starred glass and answering the ringing phone. She pulls it down, and hauls Trinity's destroyed body up, placing the phone to her ear.

TRINITY'S head merely sags lifelessly to one side.


"Come on! Go through, Trinity! God damnit don't give up!"

TRINITY'S eyes flicker. She focuses on Niobe, summoning her consciousness enough to make the phase back into the real world. She starts to fade as we cut to:


CIRCA stands over Trinity as the rebels blue eyes flutter open. Her whole body goes into a seizure and she chokes and screams as she grabs Circa.


"You're safe, you're safe!"


MORPHEUS charges SMITH. Smith ignores reloads him, and sights in on the exposed back of Niobe as she is reaching up to put the phone back on the hook. As the sights rest right between her shoulder blades, Morpheus grabs his gun with both hands. He squeezes off one shot, the action freeze back on an empty chamber, before Morpheus throws his hands up in the air

The shot ricochets clips Niobe's ear and ricochets off the booth. She hangs up the phone and touches the blood of her ear. The phone rings. She looks at it, then back at Morpheus and Smith, raising dust as they fight.

She leaves the ringing phone and runs to join the fight.


RAZOR pounds the edge of the console as he watches the screen.


"Crazy mothers!"

CIRCA has removed Trinity's interface, but she's having a seizure. Circa can barely hold her down as she uses her teeth to rip the cover off a wicked hypo.


"What's wrong with her?"


"Her body's dying but her mind won't quit."

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CIRCA straddles her and plunges the massive needle into her chest.


Morpheus and Smith clash in the dust - punches, kicks, and blocks coming too fast to see. Smith is wailing on Morpheus, but Morpheus sneaks in a kick that separates them. They take stances a good two distances away. They're about to go at it again when:

NIOBE sprints into the fight. Performing a flying leap kick, Smith grabs her and swings her down, crashing her body into the concrete with a sickening crack-thud. She rolls, fighting the pain, as Morpheus flies back into action, catching the agent with a furious ass of swinging kicks.

Niobe grits back the pain and rejoins her love. Together they assault the agent, their speed almost, almost equaling his, their will capped by the limits of their Matrix-bending powers. Finally, Smith resurges. He lands a punch into Niobe's stomach, and her body folds over unnaturally, as if her back is broken. She crumples to the deck, blood pouring from her mouth.

MORPHEUS screams and brings a hammer blow down on the back of Smith's neck, smashing the agent's face down and imprinting it in the concrete. For a moment, Smith is still. Morpheus collects Niobe and runs for the phone booth, which is still ringing.

IT'S too far. Smith grabs him around the knees, spilling him forward. Man handling him like he weighs nothing, Smith gets on top of him and starts smashing his fists down into Morpheus' face.


"I should have killed you the first chance I had."

Like an enraged silverback, he raises his fists together for one final blow. But instead of striking, his eyes catch something. He flips back, jumping, as a silver streak cuts through the air, a split second too slow to cut the agent's head off. Instead, it slices cleanly through the triceps of the raised arms, leaving nick on the throat.

RAZOR, dressed in a black kimono and wielding two katanas, steps over Morpheus as he pursues the agent. Smith rolls backwards, gains his footing, and retreats from the swirling blades of death. He turns to Morpheus:




RAZOR is strapped into one of the interface chairs, his eyes closed.


HALF-DEAD. MORPHEUS drags NIOBE to the booth.

Behind them, Agent Smith backs away from RAZOR'S dual blades, on long, one short. Whenever Razor attacks, Smith backs away. They circle one another.

MORPHEUS puts Niobe through the phone.

RAZOR forces Smith around.


"Come on, tough guy, come got some Razor."

SMITH frowns and moves forward, but the whistling edge of a blade makes him think twice. RAZOR holds the short sword parallel to the ground, the long sword straight up. He hides his eyes behind the short sword.

SMITH's back is against the sunset. The sun drops below a cloud.

RAZOR flashes the light off his short blade, directly into Smith's eyes, blinding him as he strikes with the long sword.

SMITH, blinded, turns and backs away. RAZOR attacks.

IN the booth, Niobe is gone. MORPHEUS hangs up the phone. He can barely stand up enough to reach the handset. When it rings he picks it up. But he doesn't disappear.


"Reload me."

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