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Matrix Reloaded-Revolutions
Shadow Script Part 26



"All right."

SHE punches some keys. MORPHEUS' 3-D avatar flashes on a console, along with a massive array of weapons.


MORPHEUS disappears for a second, then reappears. Now he is perfectly clean, and immaculately dressed. He replaces his sunglasses and kicks through the remains of the booth, walking toward the fight as he produces new weapons, heavy with ammo, from his long coat.

RAZOR keeps swinging at SMITH - and missing. Seeing his chance, he runs back for the ringing phone. SMITH pursues, almost on RAZOR when the neo-samurai jumps in the air and pirouhettes, swinging one sword after another, like a helicopter blade from Hell.

IN the liquid world of slo-mo, the short sword cuts through Smith's outstretched fingers, sending them flying. The long sword grazes his forearm, cutting through the fabric and taking off a slice of flesh. The tip of the sword slices through his suit, cutting his tie off, digging about an inch into his torso.

SMITH collapses into the dust, his face a mask of blood and dust. He doesn't try to get up.

RAZOR passes MORPHEUS, who backs up to the ringing phone booth. Razor goes through first. MORPHEUS keeps his eyes and weapon locked on SMITH, who makes no attempt to pursue. He stands calmly, and in a dignified manner, wipes dust off his clothing as he watches Morpheus step into the booth, and replace the phone.

It rings. One hand on the receiver, Morpheus stares back at Smith.

SMITH stands there, not attempting to pursue. Morpheus pauses, taking advantage of the chance to observe his deadly enemy.

SMITH stares at the booth for a second. Emotion twists his face, first anger, then perhaps sadness. He's lost. He'll be in the Matrix forever.

With a quicksilver flash, his body reverts back to the shape of the rookie cop.

THE young man is left standing there. He is filthy, bloody, badly sliced up, and the fingers of one hand are missing. He looks around at the carnage as his mouth simply opens and closes, reflexively, in shock. He focuses on Morpheus.

The rebel answers the phone and disappears, leaving the cop, his body broken and his mind blown.


CIRCA helps MORPHEUS off the interface chair. Razor is triumphant.


"Did you see that? We beat him! A fucking agent! He gave up!"

MORPHEUS, unflappable, rises and rushes to the operations consoles.


"Where is Neo?"


"Haven't heard from him. The city is still cut off from the rest of the Matrix."

Hook yourself up with your PC
Hook yourself up with your PC

MORPHEUS appears enraged. He looks at Neo, supine on his chair.


"Why does it still exist? Why hasn't he destroyed it yet?"


"Maybe he can't."

TRINITY is sitting on the edge of her interface chair, looking like hell.


"Is he even alive? Is he captured?"


"Last we saw he was trying to blow up the building. Haven't locked onto him since."


"What? Why not?"


"Call me crazy, but I think he's masking his own displacement signature."


"His carrier signal just goes nowhere. But there is data going back and forth."

MORPHEUS stares at the data on the screens. The Matrix lives. He pushes Razor out of the way, and starts hacking at the keyboard at an incredible rate. It's obvious Morpheus can handle computers.


"I found him once. I'll find him again."

We go deeper into the miasma of green symbols, swallowed by the blackness of the screen, and emerge into:


The apartment is luxuriously laid out and furnished. Gregory sits on a leather couch, watching whatever on the tube with the sound off. He absentmindedly manipulates a quarter over and around his fingers. Finally, he stops and looks at the quarter.

Holding it between his thumb and forefinger, he folds it in half as though it was a disk of bubble gum. He folds it again, then rools it as though it's a musket ball.

Chandra enters the living room and collapses on the couch. She reaches points the remote at the TV, but Gregory puts his hand over it to get her attention.


"So, you really don't have any idea how you got here?"


"No. I only remember being on the bike."

GREGORY sighs.


"Yeah, you took a pretty good knock on the head. Do you know how we got this place?"

She looks at him, annoyed.


"Duh. We broke in. We don't own a penthouse."


"What if I said we did?"


"I'd say you're insane."

She finally gets the remote and changes the channel. The volume comes on, louder and infinitely more tinny and obnoxious than anything in life. Chandra laughs at the images as Gregory stares into space.


NEO sits with his back against a blackened brick wall, staring ahead. He's in the belfry of an ancient, destroyed cathedral, among the pigeon nests, soot, and bird crap.

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