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Matrix Reloaded-Revolutions
Shadow Script Part 19




With his hand on his ear piece, he comes out the elevator door, slowly. Pistol drawn, he looks around the corner.

MORPHEUS and NIOBE stand there, their backs to him.

Without hesitating, he advances on them, blasting away with impunity.

THE BODIES of MORPHEUS and NIOBE are wracked by gunfire and collapse in a heap of bullet-ravaged flesh.

BROWN walks up to the corpses and kicks one with his shoe. It shimmers, and then disappears, followed by the other.


RAZOR dials the phone. MORPHEUS picks up.




"They're hitting your ghosts."

MASSIVE attack of STATIC bursts on the line.


"What the - "

THE LINE goes dead.


MORPHEUS looks at the phone and redials. RAZOR comes through, his voice digitized and distorted.


"They're cutting comes, get to the access point on Laxe - "

THE line goes dead.

MORPHEUS signals to NIOBE. They exit the roof as he dials TRINITY


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CHOI and TRINITY hide in the shadows of an empty room, watching the battle. TRINITY'S cell rings. She answers silently.


"Let's go. Laxe Three."


"What about Neo?"


"We can do nothing to help him. We'll only get in his way."

THEY leave the room.


GREGORY stumbles into the lobby. Slumbering bodies lie everywhere, slumped over desks, half-in chairs, on the ground.


HE exits into the street. The scene is one from HELL.

UNDER the neon sky, fires are frozen and smoke columns hang in the air, still, like massive tree trunks.

The battle rages and surges, a thousand SMITHS pouring onto one NEO. All around, nearly covering the ground, are corpses, destroyed bodies abandoned by the agent. Men and women, of all ages and designs, smashed, decapitated and broken.


THE SMITHS overwhelm him with sheer numbers. NEO is a blur, a human chainsaw now, crushing or smashing them all, but they crowd on all sides. The bodies pile up as they fall, and NEO finds himself stepping up the rubbery mass of corpses. A few more smashed SMITHS fall, morph back into their stolen forms, and NEO is KNEE-DEEP IN THE DEAD.

He can't take it. Choking, NEO struggles to free himself. SMITHS climb up the corpse pile and drop onto him, pounding viciously. NEO stalls, in shock, his eyes locked with the lifeless blue eyes of a woman he just killed. She looks amazingly like TRINITY.

Perhaps for the first time, he is confronted with the consequences of this war, and his mind seizes as the Smiths pummel him.

NEO goes berzerk! SCREAMING and fighting, he claws his way out and surges into the wall of agents. They throw him back, and he can't kill them fast enough. HE leaps upward, trying to fly away, but Smiths cling on to him, and cling on to each other.


NEO struggles to fly, and as he does, he's pulling a stalagtite of black suits, clinging like iron filings on a magnet.


HIS face is wide with fear and shock. He can't climb anymore, and looks back down at the mountain of agents he's pulling into the air. His face clenches shut as a scream wells from deep within him. He starts to glow, and we jump back to see:

A MASSIVE orange, spherical shock wave blasts away from his body. It rebounds on the plaza and throws bodies upward, even as it blasts the Smiths away, leaving him clean.

EVERYTHING slows down as NEO, exhausted, tumbles out of the sky. On his way down through the neon light, he passes bodies flying upward from the concussion. NEO hits the ground, bounces, and lies still, sprawled, as people drop all around him, piling up, like Satan's snowfall.

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