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Matrix Reloaded-Revolutions
Shadow Script Part 20


THE sky and Matrix are still frozen. TRINITY and CHOI make their way along cautiously, leapfrogging from cover to cover. They pause behind a dumpster, and just before looking out, there's the sound of metal tapping metal, twice.

TRINITY looks in the direction of the sound. MORPHEUS and NIOBE are standing still in the shadows, near the end of the alley. TRINITY AND CHOI make their way to them.

TRINITY peeks cautiously around the edge. On the other side of the street is a phone booth.


"Is it clear?"


"I smell an ambush."


"Me too. Too quiet."

CHOI grips his gun and grimaces.


"Too quiet? The world is frozen. I'll go first."

NO one likes the idea.

REAL-TIME suddenly returns. The lightning bolts in the sky suddenly re-animate, thundering out of existence, making the four of them jump out of their skulls. The sounds of the city suddenly flood back.

ON THE street, people stir to their feet. Everyone is confused as to what happened.


IT'S a sea of the dead. From its center, NEO emerges, soaked in blood, gagging and gasping for breath. He stumbles over them. Shocked and crazed, he glimpses the Metacortex building. It's in one piece again, unharmed.

He falls against a smashed corporate art sculpture. He picks a cell phone up from the ground and dials.


"Morpheus, pick up."

We hear nothing but static. Disgusted, NEO throws the phone away. He falls against the sculpture and looks up. Coming around the corner of the building is a group of agents and soldiers.

NEO sinks down, staring at his hands. He catches his breath and concentrates. The blood disappears, and he dons the suit of an anonymous soldier in black. His face, too, seems to change.

HE stands and walks away. We only see his back.


THEY weigh their options. Finally, MORPHUES gives the nod to CHOI.




CHOI checks his ammo and puts his guns under his coat. There are lots of people on the streets now. Everyone's in shock over what happened, and the columns of smoke rising from the center of the city.


"And remember, kids, when you're in a war, never volunteer yourself!"

Hook yourself up with your PC
Hook yourself up with your PC

HE walks out onto the street, eyeing the phone booth and everything else. A gorgeous Asian businesswoman stumbles into him. Recognition lights up her face and she stops him.


"Choi? Oh my God, I haven't seen you for months."

CHOI keeps looking around, making his way to the booth.

"Oh yeah, sorry about that."

SHE turns angry.

"Sorry about that? What kind of an asshole are you?"



TRINITY is looking around the corner. She pulls back into the alley.


"Casanova just ran into an old flame."



"No. Fuck you, Choi, you just think you can come and go when you please?"

CHOI is ignoring her now, walking straight for the phone booth as she is having a fit. Tears are welling in her enraged face.

"Choi, if you have one shred of decency, if you even care about me - "

Inexplicably, CHOI hangs his trench coat on the side of the booth. Standing behind it, he reaches around with his arm, keeping the coat between his body and the phone. The WOMAN doesn't even notice the web of gun harnesses and what looks like a ton of ammunition covering the inside of the jacket.


" - you'll tell me why you don't call, why you, you, what are you doing?"


"The jacket stops fragmentation. Sometimes they bomb the phones. Kiss me for luck."

HE grabs her to him and thrusts his mouth onto hers.


His hand grabs the phone. We hear the dialtone, and he mashes down one of the numbers of the keypad. The number tone rises in pitch to a crescendo. WE pull back and:

THE BOOTH EXPLODES. CHOI and the woman are bowled over by the flame.


They take cover from the blast as people all over the street are knocked flat.


THE PHONE BOOTH is obliterated. Miraculously, CHOI and the woman are still under the cover of the jacket. THROWING the smoking jacket off them, CHOI screams in agony as he grasps the smoldering stump of his right shoulder. The arm is history.

THE WOMAN looks on, her eyes as wide as dinner plates. Shaking, she falls back, still staring.


"You weren't lucky."

MORPHEUS, NIOBE, and TRINITY rush to him, picking him up on his feet. CHOI is screaming and laughing. Someone grabs his smoldering coat, dragging it along. CHOI stares at the ex-flame as they cart him away. His eyes are crazy.


"You still want me to call you? Ha ha ha!"

AS they struggle down the street, CHOI starts to walk more on his own. PEOPLE run from the scene, screaming.

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