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Original MatriX Script Part 19

    ORACLE: No. Here.

She picks up the tray of cooling cookies.

    ORACLE: You better take a cookie. Got a big day ahead of you.

He eyes her, then takes a cookie.

    ORACLE: Make a believer out of you yet.

INT. ANTECHAMBER (MATRIX) - DAY - Morpheus rises from a bench as the Priestess escorts Neo out. When they are alone, Morpheus puts his hand on Neo's shoulder.

    MORPHEUS: You don't have to tell me anything, Neo, because I already know what she said.

    NEO: You do?

    MORPHEUS: I brought you so that you could hear it for yourself. I knew it would help.

Neo finishes his cookie.

    MORPHEUS: No one will ever ask you because it is a gift from her. It is for you and you alone.

EXT. CITY STREET (MATRIX) - DAY - Storm clouds shroud the streets as the sky turns jaundice.

Cypher nervously glances down the surrounding streets. He notices several unmarked white vans. He mops the sweat from his forehead, when Trinity sees the black Lincoln.

    TRINITY: Here they come.

INT. MAIN DECK - In the hovercraft, we see the sweat rolling down Cypher's face and neck. Tank is typing rapidly at the keyboard.

    TANK: Weird. This area never has this much activity.

EXT. HOTEL LAFAYETTE (MATRIX) - DAY - Apoc opens the side door and they enter the hotel.


    MOUSE: Welcome to Movie-Phone.

    TANK (V.O.): They're on their way.

    MOUSE: Right.

The phone flips shut as he jumps up.

    MOUSE: Let's get to work.

INT. HOTEL LAFAYETTE (MATRIX) - DAY - Light filters down the throat of the building through a caged skylight at the top of the open elevator shaft. Four figures glide up the dark stairs that wind around the antique elevator.

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Neo notices a black cat, a yellow-green-eyed shadow that slinks past them and pads quickly down the stairs. A moment later, Neo sees another black cat that looks and moves identically to the first one.

    NEO: Whoa. Deja vu.

Those words stop the others dead in their tracks.

INT. MAIN DECK - The monitors suddenly glitch as though the Matrix had anelectronic seizure.

    TANK: Oh, shit! Oh, shit!

INT. HOTEL LAFAYETTE (MATRIX) - DAY - Trinity turns around, her face tight.

    TRINITY: What did you just say?

    NEO: Nothing. Just had a little deja vu.

    TRINITY: What happened? What did you see?

    NEO: A black cat went past us and then I saw another that looked just like it.

    TRINITY: How much like it? Was it the same cat?

    NEO: It might have been. I'm not sure.

Trinity looks at Morpheus, who listens quietly to the rasping breath of the old building.

    NEO: What is it?

    TRINITY: A deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something.

She also listens as the staccato BEAT of HELICOPTER BLADES GROW ominously LOUDER.

INT. MAIN DECK - Tank sees what was changed.

    TANK: It's a trap!

INT. STAIRCASE (MATRIX) - DAY - Morpheus looks up the stairs as a helicopter shadow passes over the clouded glass.

    MORPHEUS: Come on!

INT. ROOM 1313 (MATRIX) - DAY - Cable goes to the draped windows.

    CABLE: Did you just feel something weird?

    MOUSE: Yeah...


INT. BASEMENT (MATRIX) - DAY - Heavy bolt-cutters snap through the main phone cable.

INT. ROOM 1313 (MATRIX) - DAY - Mouse answers the phone.

    MOUSE: What's going on?

    TANK (V.O.): They cut the hard-line! It's a trap! Get out!

Cable yanks open the curtain.

    CABLE: Oh, no.

The windows are bricked up.

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - The door to the roof explodes open as heavily-armed men rush towards room 1313.

INT. MAIN DECK - Tank watches helplessly.

    TANK: No, no, no.

INT. ROOM 1313 (MATRIX) - DAY - The door slams open and the police force pours in, dozens of assault rifles surrounding Mouse and Cable who are armed with only handguns.

    CABLE: Morpheus! It's a trap --

INT. STAIRS (MATRIX) - DAY - Morpheus stops as the scream is drowned by the REPORT of MACHINE GUNS filling the building with a terrible fury.

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