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Original MatriX Script Part 20

    TRINITY: Oh, God.

INT. MAIN DECK - Mouse's body thrashes against its harness as --

INT. ROOM 1313 (MATRIX) - DAY - BULLETS POUND him against the blood-splattered brick window. Gun smoke thickens the room, Cable blasting and moving until -- The HAMMER CLICKS empty. He screams as a DOZEN GUNS OPEN FIRE, ripping him apart.

INT. MAIN DECK - Blood spits from Cable's mouth, his body spasming, then lying perfectly still.

The flat-line ALARM softly cries out from the life MONITORS of the two dead men.

EXT. HOTEL LAFAYETTE (MATRIX) - DAY - More police cars arrive as cops break open the lobby doors.

INT. STAIRWELL (MATRIX) - DAY - Flying downstairs, Morpheus stops, hearing the police swarming below. He turns and rushes down the hall of the eighth floor. At the end of it, he finds the bricked-up windows.

    CYPHER: That's what they changed. We're trapped. There's no way out.

The sound of heavy BOOT-STEPS close around them with the mechanical sureness of a vice.

    MORPHEUS: Give me your phone.

    TRINITY: They'll be able to track it.

    MORPHEUS: We have no choice.

INT. MAIN DECK - Tank answers the call.

    MORPHEUS (V.O.): Tank, find a structural drawing of this building and find it fast.

His fingers pound the keyboard.

INT. LAFAYETTE (MATRIX) - DAY - Flashlights probe the rotting darkness as the police search every floor.

INT. MAIN DECK - The diagram windows onto the screen.

    TANK: Got it.

    MORPHEUS (V.O.): I need the main wet-wall.

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Agent Smith pauses, his hand going to his ear piece.

INT. ROOM 808 (MATRIX) - DAY - Morpheus is guided by Tank.

    TANK (V.O.): Now left and that's it in front of you.

    MORPHEUS: Good.

He cuts off the phone.

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Agent Smith hears the LINE CLICK dead.

    AGENT SMITH: Eighth floor. They're on the eighth floor.

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Agent Brown hears Smith on his earphone.

    AGENT BROWN: Eighth floor! Move!

Hook yourself up with your PC
Hook yourself up with your PC

INT. STAIRWELL (MATRIX) - DAY - Cops flood the eighth floor, rushing everywhere.

INT. ROOM 808 (MATRIX) - DAY - Several cops sweep through the room. It is empty. As they pass the bathroom, we see a man-sized hole smashed through the plaster and lathe.

INT. WALL (MATRIX) - DAY - They are inside the main plumbing wall, slowly worming their way down the greasy, black stack pipes. Above them, light fills the hole they made to get inside.

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Brown turns to Smith.

    AGENT BROWN: Where are they?

INT. ROOM 608 (MATRIX) - DAY - The cops search in silence, straining for a clue, when one hears SOMETHING STRANGE near the bathroom.

INT. WALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Cypher has slipped and is wedged between the wall and several thick supply pipes.

INT. ROOM 608 (MATRIX) - DAY - The Cop leans in, his ear almost against the thin membrane of plaster separating them. He can hear WHISPERS, HISSES and a GRUNT when -- The WALL suddenly bulges, SHATTER-CRACKING as the Cop realizes --

    COP: They're in the walls!

INT. WALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo pulls Cypher free just as the Cop OPENS FIRE -- BULLETS PUNCHING shafts of light like swords into the box of soot-black space.

INT. ROOM 608 (MATRIX) - DAY - The Cop keeps FIRING, his flashlight strapped to his gun barrel, lighting up the wall until -- A BULLET spits out his forehead. Agent Smith watches the BODY fall with a THUD.

    AGENT SMITH: Are orders that hard to follow? I'll say it again. Morpheus must be taken alive. Understand?

INT. WALL (MATRIX) - DAY - They're almost falling, they're climbing so fast. Above them, plaster is smashed open as crumbling bits shower down on them, filling the crawlway with dust.

INT. ROOM 608 (MATRIX) - DAY - Agent Smith looks into the open wall, at the exposed intestines of the building, and realizes where they are going.

    AGENT SMITH: How like a rodent.

INT. WALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Just below, a RIFLE-BUTT SMASHES open the WALL, light raking across the lathe.

    COP: I got him! I got him!

Trinity finds her gun first. BULLET-HOLES POP out the WALL as she STRAFES the room, sending cops diving for cover.

They continue, Trinity exposed for a moment, when a creeping cop smashes a fist through and grabs a fistful of her hair. He starts to yank her out when Neo kicks, his boot bursting through plaster and splintering lathe, knocking the Cop out. They then quickly sink out of sight.

INT. BASEMENT (MATRIX) - DAY - This part of the basement, a dark concrete cavern, was the main mechanical room. There are four enormous boilers, dinosaur-like technology that once pumped hot water like arteries. Black and bloody, they squeeze out from the ceiling into the tangled web of pipes.

Their enemies are waiting for them. Blinding lights cut open the darkness as gas-masked figures FIRE GRENADE LAUNCHERS. Smoke blossoms from the green-metal canisters.

Morpheus never stops moving. Searching the floor, he finds what he needs; the cover of the catch basin. Cypher watches him pry open the grate, when a gas can bounces near him.

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