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Matrix Revolutions Transcript Part 5


Morpheus: Are you ready for us?

Link: Almost, sir. They've got some pretty ancient hacks, here. We're workin' them. But, you found Neo?

Morpheus: Can't you see him?

Link: No, sir. We're readin' somethin', but I couldn't tell what it was.

Neo: I can't leave, yet. I have to see her.

Trinity: Now?

Neo: It's my last chance.


Oracle: That's it, that's the secret. You've got to use your hands.

Sati: Why?

Oracle: Cookies need love, like everything does.

Sati: Neo!

Oracle: I was hoping to have these done before you got here. Sati, honey, now is the time for a tasting. Take the bowl to Seraph and find out if they're ready.

Sati: Okay. I'm glad you got out.

Neo: Me, too.

Oracle: So, do you recognize me?

Neo: A part of you.

Oracle: Yeah, that's how it works. Some bits you lose, some bits you keep. I don't yet recognize my face in the mirror, but I still love candy.

Neo: No, thank you.

Oracle: Remember what you were like when you first walked through my door? Jittery as a June bug, and now just look at you. You sure did surprise me, Neo, and you still do.

Neo: You gave me a few surprises, too.

Oracle: I hope I helped.

Neo: You helped me to get here, but my question is, why? Where is this going? Where does it end?

Oracle: I don't know.

Neo: You don't know or you won't tell me?

Oracle: I told you before. No one can see beyond a choice they don't understand, and I mean no one.

Neo: What choice.

Oracle: It doesn't matter. It's my choice. I have mine to make same as you have yours.

Neo: Does that include what things to tell me and what not to tell me?

Oracle: Of course not.

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Neo: Then why didn't you tell me about the Architect? Why didn't you tell me about Zion, the ones before me? Why didn't you tell me the truth?

Oracle: Because it wasn't time for you to know.

Neo: Who decided it wasn't time?

Oracle: You know who.

Neo: I know. But, I think it's time for me to know a few more things.

Oracle: So do I.

Neo: Tell me how I separated my mind from my body without jacking in. Tell me how I stopped four sentinels by thinking it. Tell me just what the hell is happening to me.

Oracle: The power of the one extends beyond this world. It reaches from here, all the way back to where you came from.

Neo: Where?

Oracle: The source. That's what you felt when you touched those sentinels, but you weren't ready for it. You should be dead, but apparently you weren't ready for that either.

Neo: The Architect told me that if I didn't return to the source, Zion would be destroyed by midnight tonight.

Oracle: Please. You and I may not be able to see beyond our own choices, but that man can't see past any choice.

Neo: Why not?

Oracle: He doesn't understand them, he can't. To him they are variables and equations. One at a time each must be solved and counted. That's his purpose: to balance the equation.

Neo: What's your purpose?

Oracle: To unbalance it.

Neo: Why? What do you want?

Oracle: I want the same thing you want, Neo, and I'm willing to go as far as you are to get it.

Neo: The end of the war. Is it going to end?

Oracle: One way or another.

Neo: Can Zion be saved.

Oracle: I'm sorry I don't have the answer to that question. But, if there is an answer, there's only one place you're going to find it.

Neo: Where.

Oracle: You know where. And if you can't find the answer, then I'm afraid there may be no tomorrow for any of us.

Neo: What does that mean?

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