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Matrix Revolutions Transcript Part 12


Technician: Commander Lock, I've got incoming!

Lock: We got a dock full of incoming!

Technician: Sorry sir, but this is different, sir.

Lock: Meaning what?

Technician: It went past that, sir.

Lock: That's impossible.

Technician: Holographics is trying to confirm, sir.

Lock: Contact them, I want access codes.

Technician: We tried sir, there's no response.

Lock: It's a trick. That's not one of ours, it can't be. That's a mechanical line. No one can pilot a mechanical...



Niobe: Four down, 30 degrees, 80 percent.

Morpheus: 30 degrees 80.

Niobe: Fore starboard, 60 degrees, 20 percent.

Morpheus: 60 degrees.

Niobe: Shit. Come on, keep up!

Morpheus: I'm trying!



Officer Mattis: Sir. Holographic confirms, it's the Hammer, sir.

Lock: How can it be?

Technician: The ship is under attack, sustaining heavy damage but under present velocity it will reach gate three in twelve minutes.

Technician: Sir, their EMP can take out every sentinel out there.

Lock: It can take out more than that, it'll wipe out our entire defense system. We blow the EMP system inside, they will lose the dock.

Technician: Sir, we already lost the dock.

Lock: Open the gate.

Technician: Gate three not responding, taking critical damage, sir. We've lost control, we can't open it!



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Morpheus: There's the exit.

Niobe: On my mark. Give me full power 90 degrees, low left starboard.

Morpheus: Full power, 90 degrees.

Niobe: Now.

Niobe: Come on, do it, baby...

Roland: Oh damn, woman, you can drive.

Niobe: We ain't home yet. What about the gate?

Morpheus: Several sentinels inside the dock.

Niobe: Are we too late?



Lock: How many APU's in operation?

Technician: 13, sir.

Lock: Give me the one closest to gate 3.



Mifune: (roaring) Reload!

Technician: It's pacing metal. Go!

Mifune: Watch out! They're coming down.

Kid: Eww!

Mifune: Behind you!

Kid: Jammed!

Mifune: Forget it, kid, get out of here!

Kid: Got it!

Mifune: (roaring)

Kid: Captain Mifune... Oh, no...

Mifune: They're coming, they're coming...The Hammer...

Kid: What?

Mifune: You'll have to open that gate, cut the counter weights... You can do it... Hurry... there's no time...

Kid: Captain, I haven't finnished the training program...

Mifune: Neither did I...

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