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Matrix Reloaded-Revolutions
Shadow Script Part 1


Dark clouds below the inky remnants of the scorched sky. We hear wind as we sail, like a glider, over the black atmosphere.

We DIVE DOWN into the murkiness, through the clouds, into the darker world of the dead surface of Earth, the desert of the real. The rotted skeleton of a massive city is sprawled everywhere. We approach a fissure in the Earth's crust, and as we do, we hear the increasing buzz of multiple hovercraft engines. Blue flashes grow in intensity from the fissure. Radio voices, indistinct at first, grow louder as we approach the fissure.


"Six o'clock, 300 meters. We can't outrun 'em."

MAN (V.O.)

"I know. Can't tow this crate fast enough! We gotta ditch it!"

We hear the voices as though we're listening to cops through a police scanner. The woman is NIOBE, the captain of the lead ship, Sephora.


"Can't, the core is still good. And they've got 'The One.'"

MAN (V.O.)

"Oooh, our savior. He'd better be worth it."


"Shut up and make the exit. Hold on!"

The azure glow from the fissure is suddenly overwhelming. A tight convoy of three HOVERCRAFT explode from the fissure, traveling nearly straight up, like a trio of massive locomotives flying into the sky in tight formation, linked together by tow cables. The blue glow has been emanating from the overworked flare drives of the first and third hovercrafts. Between them, suspended by tow cables, is the dark, scorched, and sliced NEBACHANEZZER. They rocket upward, slowing as they reach the top of the arc.



The rush to the ground, pulling up at the last second. The NEB flails wildly between them.

MAN (V.O.)

"They're still on us!"

More vehicles fly from the fissure. A massive army of SQUIDDIES pours up onto the surface.


The NEB is slung between the two HOVERCRAFT, with the cockpit facing backwards. TRINITY, MORPHEUS, TANK, and NEO, the former Thomas Anderson, crowd the cockpit. Helpless, the landscape speeds away from them, while a wall of red-eyed SQUIDDIES speeds to them.

It's been a mere TWO DAYS since the realization of NEO'S POWERS and the defeat of AGENT SMITH. The slipstream whistles violently into the interior of the ship, and the crew is cold, tired, haggard, and stressed beyond belief as they can only watch the action in their knocked-out ship.

MORPHEUS is on a headset.


"Niobe, they're closing."


"How many?"


"Just a few. Maybe two or three. Hundred."


NIOBE, as regal as she is beautiful, sits at the controls of her ship with her co-pilot, a younger female. All visible

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dials are redlined as they streak over the dark surface.


"You've got a gift for understatement."


THE FREEDOM'S CAPTAIN, a silhouette in a dark cockpit, is flying blind. His cockpit is awash in the blue flares from NIOBE'S ship.

His lieutenant, a shadowy female figure, reaches for the radar screen. As she does, we see her bare shoulder fall into view, a WHITE RABBIT tattoo is conspicuous.

They switch their screens to the radar, squiddies right on their ass.


"Oh shit, we're screwed. We gotta set down and EMP 'em."


"Too many!" 


A racing SQUIDDIES reaches the hull and latches on, striking up its cutting laser and ripping into the hull.


MAN (V.O.)

"They're on me! Shit! Losing power!"

NIOBE'S Lieutenant, a muscular Asian woman, Circa, notes something on a console.


"Multiple bogies closing!"


"No shit."


"From the front!"

Niobe is grim faced as she peers into the sky ahead. Several objects are closing in fast.


"Are they - "

She doesn't have time to finish the question, as the oncoming fighters launch a massive volley of missiles. From afar, they look like dark irises surrounded by a corona of flame. At first, we can't tell exactly what they are, until their fiery trails rip straight at the SEPHORA cockpit.

CIRCA DUCKS as the missiles harmlessly streak by.


A massive swarm off missiles blasts by the cockpit. The individual warheads swerve at the last second, blowing SQUIDDIES apart, or casting them to the ground aflame.


Niobe breathes a sigh of relief. Her lieutenant looks back up to see a wing of HOVER FIGHTERS - 'DEFENDERS' fly past their ship. Sleek, with huge blue flares from their engines, they're gunship fighters armed to the teeth with missiles and laser turrets studding the fuselage.


"They're ours."


"Hold on, folks, you're in for a little cleaning."


The wing of DEFENDERS makes short work of the squiddies. The half-dozen clinging to FREEDOM'S hull are picked off by well-placed laser shots that turn the squiddies into curdling balls of slag. The squiddies that survive turn tail and run.




The crew of the Neb breathe a collective sigh of relief as they leave the scene of aerial carnage behind them.

NEO has been gripping an oh-shit handle on the edge of the cockpit. He relaxes his grip as their escape is clear. Their ship suddenly enters a cave, and starts to descend. The blue wash of the ship shows rock walls and pipes. The ships are slowing down as they descend back into the earth.

TANK'S shoulders drop, and he leans back into his chair.

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