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Matrix Reloaded-Revolutions
Shadow Script Part 23


"So, why don't you take it all down?"


"The Matrix?"




"I can. But if I destroy the Matrix, everyone within it will die."

SMITH snorts.


"I take it the great Morpheus failed to mention this?"

NEO looks up at him, but his expression doesn't change.


"How many people are in it?"

SMITH holsters his weapon. He speaks matter-of-factly.


"Six and a half billion."

FOR NEO, the numbers are too huge to imagine.

BROWN scoffs.


"Could you destroy us?"

IT'S a serious question for Neo. But he nods. He knows his potential.


"I could."


"What does that make you feel like? God?"

HE is amused by the idea.


"This is getting tiresome. Where do we go from here?"


"IF you cut the power that the Matrix supplies to your armies, I'll let you live."


"Idiot. We don't care about life, we care about victory."



Hook yourself up with your PC
Hook yourself up with your PC


"So our kindů prevails."


"You mean, lives."


"Who do you think started this war, boy? Your kind tried to kill us first."


"But you didn't. You're not as tough as you think."


"We'll see."

THE three agents, helpless to stop him, watch as he walks for the door of the apartment. NEO opens it, and stops, his face meeting a flying FIST. His vision FLASHES with the impact, and he staggers back into the room, falling on his ass and rolling back onto his feet.

GREGOR steps into the room, tall and BAD.

NEO holds up a hand.


"Stop! I don't want to fight you! You're human!"

GREGORY doesn't answer. He smashes a side-kick into NEO's gut, doubling him over.

THE kick carries such an impact that a pale concussion wave flashes past Gregor. It sends NEO crashing out the window.

GREGOR stands upright and moves to the window, followed by the three agents. There's nothing on the street, twenty stories below.

The building starts trembling. We hear rapid-fire impacts, growing louder and coming faster.

THE FLOOR EXPLODES as NEO crashes up through the concrete, throwing the agents away as he embraces GREGORY in a bear hug. THEY blast up through the ceiling. WE follow them up through three more floors, bam, bam, bam. Each concrete floor smashes GREGORY in the head.


NEO and GREGORY SMASH through the roof, flying upward, like a missile, past us.



HIS FACE is contorted in rage as he rockets upward. GREGORY is barely conscious. Seeing this, NEO stops, and flings Gregory's body violently earthward.

NEO looks down as the body falls toward the city, thousands of feet below. He turns away, just as the distant GREGORY is falling out of sight. Just before he does, the speck of a person PULLS up, and grows larger and larger as it returns. A contrail streaks behind him as a rips through the air. FISTS FORWARD, GREGORY is like an MX missile bearing on NEO.

NEO turns just in time to catch BOTH FISTS in his chest. Like a cue ball striking another billiard, all Gregor's momentum is transferred into Neo. Gregor stops dead in the air as Neo is hurtled out of view.


HE is in shock somehow as he sees NEO flying away. He clenches his fists and flexes his body, then looks down.

WE see the ground, thousands of feet below.


"Holy shit!"

FOR some reason, he starts to fall. Even as he claws to maintain altitude, his rational mind has caught up with him and is somehow denying the fact that he can fly.

As he's facing the ground, NEO slams into him from above. Gripping Gregor by the neck and his belt, he drives straight down. The ground rushes, it takes one second to drop past a 50-story skyscraper. Neo slams Gregor, front first, into the concrete sidewalk. They bust through the sidewalk, into the sewer below.


NEO stands. Offscreen, we can here choking breaths. Neo looks down. Gregor lies twisted on a concrete slab, impaled multiple times through the chest by snapped, rusty rebar. He takes one last breath, and his eyes half-close.

NEO checks the pulse. Finding nothing, he leaps out of the hole.

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