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Matrix Reloaded-Revolutions
Shadow Script Part 21

CU - the four of them.

MORPHUES looks at something off-screen and frowns. HE pulls to the left.


"This way."

TANKS and TROOPS are filling into the street ahead of them, coming from around the corner.

THEY turn onto a different street. This street, too, is filling with troops. Worse, it's being lead by AGENT BROWN.


"Tanks, or agents?"




"Yeah, tanks a lot."

They break. CHOI stands on his own, and they run back onto the street with the tanks.


THREE ABRAMS stop in the street. Their turrets swing into place with terrifying quickness and precision.

AT ONCE, they open fire with their main cannons and machines guns. FIRE FLOWERS blaze from the death machines, sending a typhoon of lead down the street. Troops filed between the tanks pull their triggers and don't let go. Everything in the street is shredded and blown away, as though it was hit by a high-power pressure hose.

WITH UNEARTHLY SPEED, EVERYONE BREAKS for the sides of the street, except for CHOI. He stands amid it all as the tracers come closer to his body. He raises his machine gun with his good arm, and lays into the enemy.

TRACER rounds kick away from his gun, ripping straight back into the wall of soldiers. His rounds deflect off the sloped armor of the tanks, recoils pile into the flesh of troops. He rakes his fire into the enemy bodies.


TRACERS zoom in on him. A tank round blasts by, and the wall of air kicks him to his side. He continues to fire even as a bullet, followed by another, blasts through the middle of his body. More and more bullets smack into him, blasting chunks of meat and viscera out the back.


TRINITY and NIOBE take one side of the street, running and shooting simultaneously. THEY reach the buildings on the side and NIOBE goes STRAIGHT UP THE FAÇADE OF THE BUILDING, as TRINITY jumps from cover to cover, cart wheeling through tracer fire and bullets.

ON THE OTHER side of the street, MORPHEUS goes straight up the building façade and starts running sideways, completely defying gravity, firing downward at the soldiers.


HE WILL NOT FALL, and a hose of lead drills into him, taking his body apart piece by piece. Bullets take away pieces of his head, neck, and torso, and in one final wave of fire, he is disintegrated, leaving his machine gun, barrel smoking, spinning in the air, firing still. The arm is still attached and finger clenching on the trigger. It is the last piece of CHOI to fall.

MORPHEUS climbs as he runs. In mid-stride he changes magazines and stops, standing on the wall, his body parallel to the ground.

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On the other side of the street, NIOBE stands on the wall, blazing at the mass of troops with two guns that never cease. THERE is no cover and no reprieve from the DOUBLE DEATH from above. Most are still firing down the street, or over toward TRINITY.

TRINITY runs up the side of the street. Her guns go empty and she dives behind a stoop as a squad of soldiers blazes away at her.


In slow motion, he pulls a spoon from a grenade. Somehow, the metal ting reaches TRINITY'S ears.


She slaps a magazine into her pistol, pulls the action and comes out from under cover just enough to see the soldier releasing the grenade. She fires, hitting the grenade. IT explodes directly over the group of soldiers, flattening them to the ground.

A BULLET smacks through TRINITY'S wrist, and the hand comes off, popping like the head off a dandelion. Blood spurts from the severed arteries, spraying the hand, with the pistol still in its grip.

ABOVE THE STREET, MORPHEU AND NIOBE leap for one another. They catch each other's arms, fifty feet above the surviving enemy, and spin in place, firing away. The tank commanders in their copulas blast upward with their machine guns, but the rounds miss the spinning couple. MORPHUES and NIOBE concentrate on the commanders, and cut them down.

THEY land amidst the carnage. TRINITY emerges, shaken, pressing her coat to her arm.


The other end of the street fills with soldiers, and AGENT BROWN.


HE surveys the scene, and immediately draws and fires, running full bore for the rebels.

MORPHEUS, Niobe and TRINITY are too close to the tanks to be fired on, but the nearest one lunges at them. They climb up over concrete stoops and over the side of the tank. They sprint down the street as the tanks turn their turrets behind them, searching.


"The garage, hurry!"

THEY dive behind a corner as a tank fires. Morpheus throws the woman forward as the tank round hits the edge of the building, blowing the concrete and brick wall into a massive cloud of powder. Perhaps a ton of rubble falls on Morpheus' legs. He drags himself forward. Niobe and Trinity grab his arms and haul him out of the rubble. Niobe shoots the lock off a steel door, and they pile into the building.


AGENT BROWN and his men rush into position around the building the rebels are hiding in.

Suddenly, an unimaginably powerful engine starts, and as we stare at the garage door, it explodes outward. A jet-black, hyped COUNTACH explodes out onto the street, tires literally on fire as they throw up smoke. It cuts through a few soldiers, hitting them in the knees, as it rips up the street, the throttle going way too high.


THE street scene spins before them. TRINITY is at the wheel, a broken and dusty MORPHEUS sitting next to her. The tach is redlining as the car rips up the street. Pedestrians dive for cover.

TRINITY holds her wounded hand to her chest and drives one-handed.


MORPHEUS does so, and the tires squeal again when she releases into second, then third. In a few seconds they're over 60 on the busy street.


Soldiers pick themselves up just in time to hear another engine - a super powerful track bike, emerges from the burnt rubber smoke screen. A wheely bar on the back of the bike keeps it from flipping around the rear tire as it accelerates like a bullet out of a barrel. There isn't even time to take a shot until she's gone.

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