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Matrix Reloaded-Revolutions
Shadow Script Part 12

HE steps forward, only to have the image recede.


"You want this, don't you?"




"Will you help us?"



CU: SMITH extends his hand. GREGORY grasps it. He lets go, and collapses into the cool shallow waters of the lake edge.


THE DESERT is gone, replaced by forest, though still under the poisoned sky of the Matrix.

GREGORY laps the water up, and pulls CHANDRA in, rubbing the water over her face. Calmly, AGENT SMITH stands on the lake shore.

CU: AGENT SMITH. The humans are reflected in his perfectly still glasses.

CHANDRA stirs and awakens, though she doesn't seem to see SMITH. GREGORY, revitalized, looks around at the miracle, and up at the mystery man.


"Who the fuck are you?"

SMITH grins devilishly.


"I'm nobody. A Smith. What's more important, is you. We need you, Gregory."

GREGORY stares. He pulls CHANDRA ashore and stands to look AGENT SMITH in the eyes.


"First you try to kill me. Now you need me."


"Two years ago, Gregory, your parents were killed in a terrorist attack in the heart of the city."

THE words spark something nasty in GREGORY.


"So what?"


"The terrorists were led by a certain individual."


"I know who it was."


"We need you to kill him."

GREGORY laughs he turns to CHANDRA to check on her. She's passed out on the smooth grass.


"What a bunch of bullshit. The whole government can't kill him, so how can I?"


"No one in the government can do what you can."


"Fuck you."


"I believe we have a deal."

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GREGORY stands and puts his face next to SMITH'S

"You know, I've always wanted to fuck the devil on a deal. And this looks like a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. So, FUCK YOU!"

SMITH frowns. GREGORY looks him up and down. He's got a few inches and pounds on the smaller agent.


"What are you gonna do, little man? You looking for a trip to the fucking hospital? Fuck with me and you'll be looking for some plastic surgery, you - "

SMITH delivers a chest punch that sends GREGORY sailing back twenty feet. He tumbles to a stop, coughs, and stares in disbelief at SMITH, standing calmly at what seems like an impossible distance away.

CU: SMITH. HE removes his glasses calmly.

CU: GREGORY. He was stunned, but he's not out of the fight. Not by a long shot.


"No man can beat me."


"Bring it on, pussy."

Pull back as he CHARGES SMITH

SMITH is ready to deflect the blow, but GREGORY dodges and bowls him over, barroom style. With SMITH pinned below him, he slams his palm downward. SMITH'S head dodges the blow that pummels the ground.

GREGORY is screaming as he smashes downward with the palms of his heels. Every blow misses the mark.


"Mother fucker, what the fu -?"

SMITH bucks up, throwing GREGORY into the air. He flips onto his back as GREGORY returns. The sheer force of his street-forged roundhouses knock SMITH around as he blocks. Growing irritated at the untrained attack, SMITH turns a block into a palm-heel that hits GREGORY in the forehead with the force of a cannon blast. Momentarily stunned, he steps back enough for SMITH to perform a roundhouse kick. It's like a helicopter blade, smashing into GREGORY'S head and sending him to the ground in a heap.


"Ready to change your mind?"


HE can't respond very well. Blood fills his mouth and his face is mashed. A huge welt grows under the loafer mark left by SMITH on the right side of his face.

SMITH crouches down by GREGORY


"I can teach you to beat me, you know."

THIS interests GREGORY.


"Help us, and both you and her will be free afterward."

GREGORY stares at the ground, then gazes past SMITH at CHANDRA. Finally, he starts to rise. SMITH offers a hand, and GREGORY takes it.


"You know it, don't you? That there's more to your world than what you can see, what you can rationally explain?"




"I'm going to teach you how to use the powers you can't even imagine. But first, you need to learn to fight."

SMITH puts his hand to his earpiece. GREGORY'S eyes close and his body SPASMS. He falls to the ground, breathless, and when his eyes open, he stares up at SMITH.


"Holy shit. What the -"

HE stares at his hands. He sits up, and watches his hands, amazed, as he goes through a series of block-punches. He stops and stares up at SMITH.


"I know Kung-Fu."

SMITH grins.

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