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Matrix Reloaded Transcript Part 6

Link: Not again!
Persephone: It's all right, boys, they're with me. These fellas work for my husband, they do his dirty work. They're very good, very loyal. Aren't you, boys?
Cain and Abel: Yes, Mistress.
Persephone: They come from a much older version of the Matrix, but like so many back then, they caused more problems than they solved. My husband saved them because they're notoriously difficult to terminate. How many people keep silver bullets in their gun? You can either run to the restaurant and tell my husband what I have done, or you can stay there and die. He's in the ladies' room... [to Neb crew] Hurry.

Neo: My name is Neo.
Keymaker: Yes, I'm the Keymaker, I've been waiting for you.

Merovingian: Oh God, my God, Persephone how could you do this, you betrayed me! Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de saloperie de couille de merde! [Trans: Name of God of whore of brothel of filth of testicle of shit]
Persephone: Cause and effect, my love.
Merovingian: Cause? There is no cause for this, what cause?
Persephone: What cause? How about the lipstick you're still wearing?
Merovingian: Lipstick? Lipstick? What craziness you are talking about woman, there is no lipstick.
Persephone: She wasn't kissing your face, my love.
Merovingian: Ai-ai-ai-ai-ai-ai, woman, this is nothing, c'est rien, c'est rien du tout. [Trans: This is nothing, this is nothing at all] It's a game, it is only a game.
Persephone: So is this. Have fun.
Merovingian: All right. All right. Let us find out where this goes. You two, get the Keymaker.
Trinity: That's a nice trick.
Keymaker: I cannot go back.
Neo: I'll handle them.
Merovingian: Handle us? You'll handle us? You know, your predecessors had much more respect.
Merovingian: Okay, you have some skill. Kill him.
Merovingian: You see, he's just a man.
Merovingian: Damn it, woman, you will be the end of me. Mark my words, boy, and mark them well. I have survived your predecessors, and I will survive you!

Trinity: Where are you going?
Keymaker: Another way, always another way. Close it, quick.

Twin 1: Could we move along?
Keymaker: Run!
Twin 2: Step away from the door.
Twin 2: We owe you for that.
Twin 1: Just like new.
Twin 2: Drop your weapon.

Morpheus: Stay with him.
Trinity: What about Neo?
Morpheus: He can handle himself.
Trinity: Get in the back.

Neo: Oh shit.
Link: Operator.
Neo: Link, where am I?
Link: You're not gonna believe this, but you're all the way up in the mountains.
Neo: Really.
Link: Yeah, it's gonna take me a while to get up an exit. Oh shit.
Neo: What?
Link: Those Twin things are after Morpheus and Trinity, and I don't have a way to get them out.
Neo: Where are they?
Link: Middle of the City, 500 miles due south.

Link: Operator.
Morpheus: Get us out of here, Link.
Link: That won't be easy, sir.
Morpheus: I know. We're inside the core network.
Link: Yes sir. The only exit I got near you is the Winsor[?] overpass.
Morpheus: Off the freeway?
Link: Yes, sir.
Morpheus: Fine, we'll make it.
Link: Sir, I think I should say... oh shit, look out behind you!
Link: Incoming fire!
Morpheus: Down!

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Trinity: Hold on!
Link: Oh no, this is getting real ugly real fast.
Morpheus: Are you watching this, Link?
Link: Yes sir, there's an all-points on you, I make 8 units headed your way.
Morpheus: Any suggestions?
Link: Turn right.
Morpheus: Right, now!
Link: Now straight here, go through the next branch, you'll hit a connecting tunnel to the 101.
Morpheus: Got it.
Link: Sir, are you sure about this? The freeway, I mean. It's dangerous, in 14 years of operating, I've never seen...
Morpheus: Link, what did I tell you?
Link: Yes sir, I do, sir, Winsor[?] overpass, I'll be ready for you.
Morpheus: Good man.
Trinity: You always told me to stay off the freeway.
Morpheus: Yes, that's true.
Trinity: You said it was suicide.
Morpheus: Then let us hope that I was wrong.

Link: Operator.
Niobe: Link, it's Niobe. We've been sent to bring you in. I need to talk to Morpheus.
Link: Believe me, Niobe, he needs you.
Niobe: Where is he?
Link: Just follow the sirens.

Cop: They're approaching [...]
Agent Thompson: We have them now.
Agent Johnson: The exile is the primary target.

Morpheus: Move!
Twin 1: We are getting aggravated.
Twin 2: Yes we are.

Morpheus: Trinity! Get him out of here.
Trinity: Come on!

Twin 2: Gotcha.

Trinity: Morpheus.
Link: He's okay, keep moving.
Trinity: Let's go.
Trinity: I need a download to hotwire a motorcycle.
Link: Not a problem, one crash course in motorcycle...
Trinity: Wait. Cancel that. [to Keymaker] You are handy. Jump on.

Agent Johnson: She means nothing.
Agent Thompson: Find the exile.
Agent Johnson: We have them.
Cop from Speaker: One Adam Twelve, please respond.

Morpheus: Get down.

Niobe: Gotcha.
Link: She's good.
Agent: You are no longer necessary.
Keymaker: We do only what we're meant to do.
Agent: Then you are meant for one more thing. Deletion.

Niobe: Go kick his ass.

Morpheus: Neo, if you're out there, I could use some help.
Link: What is that?
Link: Yess!

[Zion Man] Sir. We have confirmation from the Icarus. The first two ships are in position for the counterattack.
Lock: Good. Any change?
[Zion Woman] Looks like they hit some iron ore here, slowed them down a little.
Lock: How much?
[Zion Woman]: An hour, maybe.
Lock: That'd give them a little over 9 hours.
[Zion Woman]: Yes sir.

[Remote Viewing] [Remote Influencing] [Biofeedback Technology] [Hypnosis]

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