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Original MatriX Script Part 7

Smith nods and the other two rip open his shirt. From a case taken out of his suit coat, Smith removes a long, fiber-optic wire tap. Neo struggles helplessly as Smith dangles the wire over his exposed abdomen. Horrified, he watches as the electronic device animates, become an organic creature that resembles a hybrid of an insect and a fluke worm.

Thin, whisker-like tendrils reach out and probe into Neo's navel. He bucks wildly as Smith drops the creature which looks for a moment like an uncut umbilical cord -- Before it begins to burrow its, tail thrashing as it worms its way inside.

INT. NEO'S APARTMENT - NIGHT - Screaming, Neo bolts upright in bed. He realizes that he is home. Was it a dream? His mouth is normal. His stomach looks fine. He starts to take a deep, everything-is-okay breath, when -- The PHONE RINGS. It almost stops his heart. It CONTINUES RINGING, building pressure in the room, forcing him up out of bed, sucking him in with an almost gravitational force.

He answers it, saying nothing.

    MORPHEUS (V.O.).: This line is tapped, so I must be brief.

    NEO: The agents --

    MORPHEUS (V.O.): They got to you first, but they've underestimated how important you are. If they knew what I know, you would probably be dead.

Neo feels sick.

    MORPHEUS (V.O.): I don't know what you are thinking right now but I want you to understand that I will not give up on you until you give up on me.

Neo's throat cracks, dry as the Sahara.

    MORPHEUS (V.O.): Do you still want to meet?

    NEO: ... Yes.

    MORPHEUS (V.O.): Take the Howard line south.

CLICK. He closes his eyes, unsure of what he has done.

EXT. EL TRAIN - An EL TRAIN RAGES against its metal rails.

INT. TRAIN - It is three a.m., and the train carries the usual urban night crawlers. Neo sits alone, eyes shifting, watching everything nervously. There is a METAL BANG and TRAIN CLATTER fills the car as the door is opened.

Neo turns and sees a large man enter. He is wearing sunglasses and a black leather jacket. His name is APOC and he walks straight at Neo.

    APOC: Come with me.

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Neo stands just as the door at the opposite end opens and two police officers rush in, drawing their guns. Apoc grabs Neo, muscling him to the nearest exit. There is no upcoming station. Apoc yanks the emergency brake and the train buckles against its own speed. The cops are thrown back. Neo slams against the metal rail. The doors open onto nothing and just when Neo regains his balance, Apoc shoves him backwards -- He flies out from the train, arms windrilling as he falls from, the raised tracks -- Hurtling towards a busy city street when, out of nowhere, a truck races under him and -- He crashes into a large dumpster-bed filled with empty boxes.

INT. TRUCK BED - Still shaking his head, Neo realizes he is not alone. A man named Cabie is aiming a big gun at him. Trinity is next to him, talking into a cellular phone.

    TRINITY: We got him. Call the chop-shop.

She hangs up.

    TRINITY: Listen to me, Neo. You have to, trust us.

She tears off a long strip of black duct-tape and reaches for his face.

    NEO: What are you doing?

    TRINITY: This has to be done for your protection and ours.

She seals his eyes shut with the tape.

    TRINITY: You can't understand right now, but if you're not one of us, you're one of them.

EXT. LOWER WACKER - A featureless black van glides up to a staircase that curls down from the city's surface. Trinity guides the blind Neo down the steps. The back of the van slaps open, revealing a young, skinny man who looks to be still in his teens, wearing an outfit that is a cross between a surgeon and a telephone repair man.

His name is GIZMO and he smiles lewdly at Trinity, exposing his teeth that are wired with weird-looking braces.

    GIZMO: Va va va voom. Still the hottest software around.

    TRINITY: Hello, Gizmo.

Neo hears the voices around him.

    GIZMO: This is really the guy? The guy that Morpheus thinks --

    TRINITY: Yeah.

    GIZMO: But he's so old.

    TRINITY: Are you going to help us or aren't you?

    GIZMO: Hacksaw. Load up the copper-top and let's get the hell outta here.

Hacksaw is a huge man in a leather welder's apron. He shoulders Neo and hauls him into the van. A moment later the green lights of Lower Wacker curve over the tinted windshield as the van rushes through the underworld.

INT. VAN - The chop-shop is filled with electronic gadgets, wired to meters and monitors. There are shelves lined with medical supplies and rows of hanging tools, knives, cleavers, and stainless steel clamps. Neo is strapped down to an ambulance cart, listening nervously as Gizmo gets to work.

    GIZMO: Okay, first we take a little look under the hood.

He pulls up the goggles hanging at his neck and they blink to life with tiny halogen lights and lenses arising to varying levels of magnification.

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