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Original MatriX Script Part 31

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - The agents walk to the elevator, leaving Neo's body behind.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Morpheus flicks the Plexiglas shield of the selfdestruct.

    TRINITY: Goddamnit, Neo! Don't give it up! Not now!

She pounds on his chest.

    TRINITY: Not now!

INT. HOTEL HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - The BLOW ECHOES deep in his mind. His eyes snap open.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Trinity screams as the monitors jump back to life. Tank and Morpheus stare, unbelieving. It is a miracle.

    TRINITY: Now get up!

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo struggles, holding his chest, sitting up. Down the hall, he sees the elevator closing and -- Agent Smith staring at him as if he were looking at a Cypher.

Neo gives him the finger.

    AGENT SMITH: Nooooo!

Agent Smith pounds on the elevator door.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - A sentinel BLOWS a hole in Morpheus' right arm and he screams, refusing to let go of the detonator.

INT. ROOM 303 (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo dives for the RINGING PHONE.

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INT. HOVERCRAFT - Machines split open the craft, pouring in, lasers targeting everywhere. A beat finds the center of Morpheus' forehead and he screams, ready to die.

    TRINITY: Now!

He turns the key.

INT. OVERFLOW PIT - A blinding shock of white lights flood the chamber; sentinels blink and fall instantly dead, filling the pit with their cold, metal carcasses.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - In the still darkness, only the humans are alive.

    TRINITY: Neo?

His eyes open. Tears pour from her smiling eyes as he reaches up to touch her. And she kisses him; it seems like it might last forever.


FADE IN: ON COMPUTER SCREEN as in the opening. The cursor beating steadily, waiting. A PHONE begins to RING. It is answered and the screen fills instantly with the trace program. After a long beat, we recognize Neo's voice.

    NEO (V.O.): Hi. It's me. I know you're out there. I know you're working as fast as you can to catch me.

We CLOSE IN ON the racing columns of numbers shimmering across the screen.

    NEO (V.O.): I thought I should call and let you know how things stand.

We DIVE THROUGH the numbers, surging UP THROUGH the darkness, sucked TOWARDS a tight constellation of stars.

    NEO (V.O.): I know you're real proud of this world you've built, the way it works, all the nice little rules and such, but I've got some bad news.

We realize that the constellation is actually the holes in the mouthpiece of a phone. Seen from inside.

    NEO (V.O.): I've decided to make a few changes.

We SHOOT THROUGH the holes as Neo hangs up the phone. He steps out of the phone booth and starts walking, wearing a long black coat and dark glasses. He passes a mother dragging her little BOY, who cranes his neck as -- Neo takes off, flying up into the air.

    BOY: Mommy! Mommy!

    MOMMY: What?

    BOY: That man! That man flies!

    MOMMY: Don't be silly, honey. Men don't fly.

There is a RUSH of AIR as the Boy stares up as Neo shoots overhead. His coat billowing like a black leather cape as he soars up, up, and away.



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