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Original MatriX Script Part 30

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Morpheus checks the ship's self destruct key.

    TRINITY: You can't use that until Neo is out!

    MORPHEUS: I know. Don't worry, he'll make it.

EXT. CITY STREET (MATRIX) - DAY - A man sits in his Mercedes, talking on his car phone when his door is thrown open. Neo yanks him out and jumps in.

Further down the street, Agent Smith slows, calmly touching his ear-piece. Neo throws the car across traffic, rocketing down a sidestreet.

INT. CAR (MATRIX) - DAY - Driving like a demon with one hand, he grabs the car phone and dials long distance.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Tank answers.

    TANK: Operator.

    NEO (V.O.): Mr. Wizard, Get me the fuck out of here!

INT. CAR (MATRIX) - DAY - Looking over his shoulder, watching the mirrors, Neo drives almost unconsciously.

    NEO: Hurry, Tank! I got some serious pursuit!

INT. HOVERCRAFT - The keyboard clicking, Tank searches for an exit. Trinity screams into the headset.

    TRINITY: Neo, you better get your ass back here!


    NEO: I'm trying, Trinity. I'm trying.

    TANK (V.O.): I got one!

Neo glances to his right and sees Agent Brown, now driving the car beside his. Agent Brown swerves, slamming into him.

    TANK (V.O.): Wabash and Lake. A hotel.

Neo fights the steering wheel as Agent Brown pushes the car up over the median.

    TANK (V.O.): Room 303.

Neo drops the phone as his car bucks into the opposing lane -- Directly into the charging path of an enormous truck driven by Agent Smith.

Neo dives from the Mercedes as the truck plows into it, rending metal and GLASS, crushing through, totaling other cars, as it EXPLODES.

Neo is up and running even as orange and black clouds billow up behind him.

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EXT. CITY STREET (MATRIX) - DAY - Three figures silhouette by the burning wreckage become the three agents.

Further down the street, Neo hauls his broken, bleeding ass. Agents Brown and Smith slow, touching their ear-pieces as Agent Jones continues chasing full-bore.

Neo spins around a corner, racing toward a hotel called: The Heart of Chicago Hotel. Only Agent Jones is behind him now. Neo dives into the alley. At the far end he sees Agent Brown charging. Neo leaps for the fire escape and begins to climb.

INT. SEWER MAIN - Sentinels open and shift like killer kaleidoscopes as they ready their weapons, swarming around the Nebuchadnezzar.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - The hovercraft booms as machines drop onto it.

    TANK: I'm going to make the call.

    MORPHEUS: Do it!

INT. "HEART OF CHICAGO" HOTEL (MATRIX) - DAY - Agent Smith is in the elevator when he hears the DISTANT RING of a PHONE.

EXT. ALLEY (MATRIX) - DAY - The agents chase him, FIRING, BULLETS SPARKING and RICOCHETING even as Neo jumps for the third-floor platform. Neo kicks in the window, jumping into the hall. The doors count backwards: 310... 309...

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Morpheus grabs the biggest gun he can find. The lasers begin to slice through the hull.

    TRINITY: Where is he?

    TANK: Almost there.

    MORPHEUS: He's going to make it.

    TRINITY: Hurry, Neo.

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo can hear the PHONE RINGING. 305... 304... Agent Brown reaches the broken window behind him just as Neo grabs the handle of 303, throwing open the door to find -- Agent Smith, waiting, .45 cocked.

Neo can't move -- can't think -- BOOM.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Neo's body jerks, and everyone hears it as the life monitors snap flat-line. Trinity screams. Morpheus is frozen in disbelief.

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Three holes in his chest, Neo falls to the blue shag carpeting, blood smearing down the wallpaper. Agent Smith stands over him, still aiming, taking no chances.

    AGENT SMITH: Check him.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Through the lasered opening, Morpheus screams, blasting away at the machines; comet-wads of plasma burning holes in their armored housings. Trinity collapses onto Neo's body.

    TRINITY: No-no-no! Neo, you're not dead! You can't be dead!

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Kneeling beside him, Agent Brown checks his vital signs.

    AGENT BROWN: He's gone.

Agent Smith smiles, standing over him.

    AGENT SMITH: I told you, you couldn't win.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Tank is hit, a laser bolt knocking him to the ground. They can't hold them off any longer. Morpheus lunges for the self destruct -- As Trinity whispers in Neo's ear.

    TRINITY: You're right here. I'm holding you, Neo. I'm not letting you go. Do you hear me? I won't let you go.

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