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Original MatriX Script Part 29

    NEO: I believe...

He stares at the fullness of her lips.

    NEO: I want to kiss you.

She smiles.

    TRINITY: I want to kiss you too...

The PHONE begins to RING.

    TRINITY: But I want it to be real.

She pulls herself away and gets into the booth when something catches Neo's eye and he looks to where the Old Man had been. She hears him SCREAM and sees Agent Smith emerge as if formed by congealing darkness, charging with a fistful of metal.

The GUN FIRES, the BULLET flying at her, BURSTING through the plastic WINDOW just as -- Trinity disappears. The handset hanging in the air as the BULLET HITS, SHATTERING the EAR-PIECE.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Trinity blinks, shivering as her conscious exits the Construct.

    TRINITY: Neo!

    TANK: What the hell just happened?

    TRINITY: An Agent! You have to send me back!

    TANK: I can't!

INT. "EL" STATION (MATRIX) - DAY - GUN REPORT THUNDERS through the underground, both men BLASTING, moving at impossible speed. For a blinking moment we enter BULLET-TIME. Gun flash tongues curl from Neols gun, bullets float forward like a plane moving across the sky, cartridges cartwheel into space.

An instant later they are nearly on top of each other, rolling up out of a move that is almost a mirrored reflection of the other -- Each jamming their gun tight to the other's head. They freeze in a kind of embrace; Neo sweating, panting, Agent Smith machine-calm.

Agent Smith smiles.

    AGENT SMITH: You're empty.

Neo pulls the TRIGGER. CLICK.

    NEO: So are you.

The smile falls. Agent Smith yanks his TRIGGER. CLICK. Agent Smith's face warps with rage and he attacks, fist flying at furious speed, blows and counters, Neo retreating as -- A knife-hand opens his forearm, and a kick sends him slamming back against a steel column.

Stunned, he ducks just under a punch that crunches into the beam, STEEL CHUNKS EXPLODING like shrapnel. Behind him, Neo leaps into the air, delivering a necksnapping reverse round-house. Agent Smith's glasses fly off and he glares at Neo; his eyes, ice blue.

    AGENT SMITH: You can't win.

    NEO: I already have.

Hook yourself up with your PC
Hook yourself up with your PC

He attacks with a vicious series of blows but the Agent seems to absorb them, waiting for his opening. And this time Agent Smith's attack is too much, an unrelenting fury, fists pounding like jackhammers.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Trinity watches Neo as his body jerks, mouth coughing blood, his life signs going wild.

    TRINITY: Jesus, he's killing him!

INT. "EL" STATION (MATRIX) - DAY - Agent Smith grabs hold of him, lifting him into the air, hurling him against the curved wall of the train tunnel, where he falls inches from the electrified third-rail.

The Agent is about to jump down, and press his attack when he hears something. From deep in the tunnel, like an animal cry; a burst of high-speed METAL GRINDING against METAL. The sound of an ON-COMING TRAIN.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Tank is trying to find another entrance.

    TRINITY: Send me back, Tank! Anywhere!

    TANK: I'm looking, Trinity! I'm looking!

From the cockpit, an ALARM sounds. Morpheus hurries to the front console, typing, bringing up the radar. Trinity follows him.

    TRINITY: What is it... oh no.

In every pipe surrounding them, they see the Extermination Unit.

    TRINITY: Sentinels.

INT. SEWER MAIN - The killing machine we saw in the History Program blister by us like tracer bullets shot down the throat of the abyss.

INT. "EL" STATION (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo tries to get up. Agent Smith jumps down onto the tracks and drop-kicks him in the face. The world begins to shake, RUMBLING as the TRAIN NEARS.

    AGENT SMITH: Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson?

Agent Smith grabs Neo in a choke-hold, forcing him to look down the tracks, the train's headlight burning a hole in the darkness.

    AGENT SMITH: That is the sound of inevitability.

Neo sees it coming and he starts to fight.

    AGENT SMITH: It is the sound of your death.

There is another METAL SCREECH, MUCH LOUDER, closer, as Agent Smith tightens his hold. Neo is unable to breathe.

    AGENT SMITH: Goodbye, Mr. Anderson.

The TRAIN ROARS at them, swallowing Agent Smith's words. The veins bulge in Neo's head, as he grits through the pain.

He is not ready to die.

    NEO: My name is Neo.

Impossibly, he hurls himself straight up, smashing Smith against the concrete ceiling of the tunnel. They fall as the sound and fury of the TRAIN EXPLODES INTO the station. Neo back-flips up off the tracks just as -- The train barrels over Agent Smith.

Neo stands, knees shaking, when the train slams on its emergency brake. With an ear-splitting SHRIEK of TORTURED RAILS, the train slows, part of it still in the station.

Neo turns, limping, starting to run, racing for the escalator -- As the train comes to a stop and the doors of the last car open; Agent Smith bursts out in furious pursuit, his glasses again intact.

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