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Original MatriX Script Part 28

Trinity is already pulling the copter up and away. As Agent Smith grabs the M-16 from the nearest marine. He'll bring them all down. Targeting the helicopter, he aims at something only he can see: the oil line. PONK. PONK. PONK. The rear HULL is PUNCHED full of holes and smoke and oil pours out like black blood.

    TRINITY: Shit-shit-no!

Neo is pulling Morpheus up to him when he hears the HELICOPTER BEGIN TO DIE.

    NEO: Oh fuck.

Trinity throws the helicopter towards the roof of the nearest building. Morpheus and Neo cling to one another as they and the machine above them begin to fall. The ENGINE GRINDS, the CHOPPING BLADES start to slowwhile -- The Agents stand in the open shattered window, watching the helicopter disappear behind taller buildings.

Carried by its momentum, Trinity guides the parabolic fall over the nearest roof where -- Neo and Morpheus drop safely, rolling free as the rope goes slack. Neo gets to his feet, trying to detach himself but -- The helicopter is falling too fast, arcing over the roof like a setting sun -- The coils of slack snap taught -- Yanking Neo off his feet, dragging him with ferocious speed towards the edge even as -- Trinity lunges for the back door, her gun in one hand, grabbing for the rope with the other -- Neo flies like a skipping stone, hurtling straight AT us, when his feet hit the rain gutter -- A fulcrum that levers him up just as -- Trinity FIRES, severing the cord from the HELICOPTER, falling free of it as it SMASHES, blades first into a glass skyscraper.

Holding onto the rope she swings, connected to Neo, who stands on the building's edge watching her arc beneath him as the HELICOPTER EXPLODES -- She bounces against a shatterproof window that spidercracks out while FLAMES ERUPT behind her.

INT. MAIN DECK - Tank stares at the screen, his mouth agape.

    TANK: He's the One. He's got to be...

EXT. ROOFTOP (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo pulls Trinity up into his arms. Both shaking, they hold each other again.

    MORPHEUS: I knew it! I goddamn knew it!

    TRINITY: Morpheus!

She runs at him, throwing her arms around him.

    MORPHEUS: Do you believe me now? He's the One! Who else could have done this?

    NEO: Morpheus, I know you won't believe me but the Oracle told me I'm not the One.

    MORPHEUS: It doesn't matter if I don't believe you --

His eyes light up.

    MORPHEUS: What matters is that you don't believe her.


    TRINITY (V.O.): Tank, get us out of here.

    TANK: Got one ready. An underground El station. State and Balbo.

    TRINITY (V.O.): See ya soon.

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LINE GOES DEAD. Tank looks at the bodies and smiles.

    TANK: See ya soon.

EXT. ROOFTOP (MATRIX) - DAY - The rope is all that remains. Agent Smith can barely control his anger.

    AGENT BROWN: The trace was completed.

    AGENT JONES: We have their position.

    AGENT BROWN: The extermination unit is in place.

    AGENT JONES: Order the strike.

Agent Smith can't stand listening to them. He moves to the edge of the building, looking out at the surrounding city.

    AGENT SMITH: They're not out yet.

INT. "EL" STATION (MATRIX) - DAY - A metal gate is locked, the sign reading, "Station Closed." Neo looks around, takes out a GUN and BLOWS OFF the LOCK. In the moist underground distance they hear the MUTED RING of a TELEPHONE.

The PHONE is RINGING inside a graffiti-covered booth. Across from it, sitting hunched against the red concrete wall, is an OLD MAN. He stares at the RINGING PHONE, taking a final pull off his T-bird. No one is around. It continues to RING. Determined, he stands and walks to the booth. He is about to answer the phone, when Neo sees him.

    NEO: Don't!

The Old Man stops, Neo rushes at him, gliding smoothly over the turnstiles.

    OLD MAN: I'm sorry -- I didn't mean!

The Old Man is shaking, terrified. Neo looks at his gun. He glances over his shoulder, then eases back the hammer.

    NEO: Get outta here. Okay? Run! Go!

The Old Man nods, turns and hurries deeper into the urban cave, disappearing into the shadows as Trinity and Morpheus arrive.

    TRINITY: What happened? Was that --

    NEO: It was nobody.

Neo turns to the RINGING BOOTH.

    NEO: Let's go! You first, Morpheus.

Morpheus gets in and answers the phone. Lost in the shadow, the Old Man turns back and watches as Morpheus disappears, the phone dropping, dangling by its cord. His eyes grow wide, glowing white in the dark.

EXT. ROOFTOP (MATRIX) - DAY - Agent Smith stares, his face twisted with hate. He will never be free of the Matrix. He starts to turn from the edge of the building when he suddenly hears it, his head whipping back around, staring --

INT. "EL" STATION (MATRIX) - DAY - As the Old Man stares.

Trinity hangs up the phone. She turns to Neo, standing close enough to kiss him.

    TRINITY: Morpheus is right, you know. It doesn't matter what he believes or even what the Oracle believes. What matters is what you believe.

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