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Original MatriX Script Part 27

Neo rolls, reaching for another gun when around-house kick snaps his jaw. Agent Jones grabs the gun and levels it at Neo.

    AGENT JONES: Only human...

Suddenly Agent Jones stops. Something is wrong. He scans the roof. Trinity is gone. Immediately, he whirls around and turns straight into the muzzle of her .45 -- Jammed right into his head.

    TRINITY: Dodge this, motherfucker!

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The body flies back with a flash of mercurial light and when it hits the ground -- It is the pilot.

Trinity helps Neo up.

    NEO: Thanks.

    TRINITY: You're hit --

    NEO: I'm fine.

Neo is already looking at the helicopter.

    NEO: Can you fly that thing?

    TRINITY: Not yet.

She pulls out a cellular phone.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Tank is back at the controls.

    TANK: Operator.

    TRINITY (V.O.): Tank, I need a pilot program for a military M-109 helicopter.

Tank is immediately searching the disk drawers.

    TRINITY (V.O.): Hurry!

His fingers flash over the gleaming laser disks, finding one that he feeds into Trinityls supplement drive, punching the "load" commands on her keyboard.

EXT. ROOF (MATRIX) - DAY - Trinity's eyes flutter as information surges into her brain, all the essentials of flying a helicopter absorbed at light-speed.

    TRINITY: Let's go.

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Marines, trying to communicate with the men on the roof, are beginning to panic when Agent Jones comes around the corner.

    SERGEANT: Sir! Sir! There was gunfire -- we've lost communication with the roof!

    AGENT JONES: Remain at your posts.

    SERGEANT: But, sir -- the fire -- we should evacuate!

    AGENT JONES: You will do as you are ordered!

    SERGEANT: Yes, sir.

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Agent Jones marches into the Presidential Suite.

INT. PRESIDENTIAL SUITE (MATRIX) - DAY - Agent Jones throws open the bedroom door and enters, walking through the puddles pooling in the carpet. Over the RUSHING WATER and the ALARMS, Agent Smith hears a SOUND and understands the seriousness of the attack. He turns to the wall of windows as the helicopter drops INTO VIEW -- Neo is in the back bay, aiming the mounted .50 machine gun.


The GUN jumps and BULLETS EXPLODE through the WINDOW in a cacophony of CRASHING GLASS -- As the Agents go for their weapons. But Neo is too close, the .50 CALIBER too fast and BULLETS are everywhere, perforating the room.

Agent Smith is hit first, his body jack-knifing back, blood arcing out with a sudden flash of light -- Then Agent Brown, his GUN still FIRING as his body falls. And finally Agent Jones. Neo stares at Morpheus, trying to will him into action.

    NEO: Get up, Morpheus! Get up!

Morpheus sits unmoving, his head still down. Neo grabs the climbing rope just as marines burst into the adjoining room. He attaches only one end to his harness when they OPEN FIRE.

Quickly he swings the GUN, SPRAYING the other room, WINDOWS SHATTERING, FURNITURE EXPLODING, marines diving for cover.

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - Just outside the Presidential Suite, three marines blister with snow-static.

INT. PRESIDENTIAL SUITE (MATRIX) - DAY - Morpheus lifts his face into the room's rain. His eyes, still white, begin to blink, twitch, then close. And when he opens them, they are again dark and flashing with fire.

The Agents knife into the room, FIRING even as Neo's BULLET TRAILS chase them.

Morpheus strains at his handcuffs.

The Agents and the marines turn the tide, BLASTING LEAD, RICOCHETING, POCK-MARKING the COPTER. FIRING wildly, Neo turns to see Morpheus rising, snapping the handcuffs, starting for the window.

Agent Smith stops and sees Morpheus run past the open bedroom door.

    AGENT SMITH: Nooo!

He FIRES, sweeping across the sheet rocked wall in a perfect line. For an instant, we see the BULLETS SHRED, PUNCTURING the WALL, searing through the wet air with jet trails of chalk.

And as Morpheus starts to dive for the window, a bullet buries itself in his leg -- Knocking him off balance.

    NEO: He won't make it.

Morpheus lunges, out of control -- As Neo spins, every move a whip crack -- Snapping the other rope-end onto a bolted bar.

Morpheus begins to fall when Neo hurls himself into the wide blue empty space -- Flying for a moment. The rope snaking out behind him; an umbilical cord attached to a machine.

As their two bodies, set in motion, rushing at each other on a seemingly magnetic course until -- They collide. Almost bouncing free of each other, arms, legs, scrambling, hands searching in furious desperation, finding hold and clinging. Until the line ends, snapping taut, cracking their fragile embrace. Morpheus tumbles, legs flipping over, falling down -- The ground deliriously distant -- As Neo snatches hold of his mentor's still handcuffed wrist.

    NEO: Gotcha!

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