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Original MatriX Script Part 26

    AGENT SMITH: I hate this place. This zoo. This prison. This reality, whatever you want to call it, I can't stand it any longer. It's the smell, if there is such athing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink and every time I do, I fear that I've somehow been infected by it.

He wipes sweat from Morpheus' forehead, coating the tips of his fingers, holding them to Morpheus' nose.

    AGENT SMITH: Repulsive, isn't it?

He lifts Morpheus' head, holding it tightly with both hands.

    AGENT SMITH: I must get out of here, I must get free. In this mind is the key. My key.

Morpheus sneers through his pain.

    AGENT SMITH: Once Zion is gone, there's no need for me to be here. Do you understand? I need the codes. I have to get inside Zion. You have to tell me how.

He begins squeezing, his fingers gouging into his flesh.

    AGENT SMITH: Tell me! Tell me!

The skull is about to shatter when Agents Jones and Brown burst into the room. Agent Smith releases Morpheus.

    AGENT BROWN: What were you doing?

Agent Smith recovers, replacing his ear piece.

    AGENT JONES: You don't know.

    AGENT SMITH: Know what?

Agent Smith listens to his earphone, not believing what he is hearing.

INT. ELEVATORS (MATRIX) - DAY - They get in. Trinity immediately drops and opens the suitcase, wiring a plastique and napalm bomb. Beneath their trench coats is an arsenal of weapons slung from climbing harnesses. Neo hits the emergency stop. He pulls down part of the false ceiling and finds the elevator shaft access panel.

INT. PRESIDENTIAL SUITE (MATRIX) - DAY - Agent Jones looks at Morpheus.

    AGENT JONES: I think they're trying to save him.

INT. ELEVATOR SHAFT (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo ratchets down a clamp onto the elevator cable. Both of them lock on. He looks up the long, dark throat of the building and takes a deep breath.

    NEO: There is no spoon.

Hook yourself up with your PC
Hook yourself up with your PC

Neo whips out his gun and presses it to the cable, lower than where they attached themselves. BOOM! The CABLE SNAPS. The counter-weights plummet, yanking Trinity and Neo up through the shaft as -- The elevator falls away beneath them, distending space, filling it with the sound of WHISTLING METAL as they soar to the top.

INT. LOBBY (MATRIX) - DAY - The ELEVATOR hits the bottom. BA-BOOM! The massive EXPLOSION blows open the doors, fire clouds engulfing the elevator section of the lobby.


    AGENT JONES: Lower level --

    AGENT BROWN: They are actually attacking.

INT. ELEVATOR SHAFT (MATRIX) - DAY - Hanging by a rope, Trinity hot-wires the panel for the door.

INT. TOP FLOOR (MATRIX) - DAY - Nervous, the Marines watch as the ELEVATOR "DINGS" softly and slides open. Black smoke rises out of the exposed shaft. The nearest Marine eases to the edge, peering down at the churning blaze engulfing the lower levels. He does not see Trinity and Neo above him until it is too late. Krack! Neo kicks, knocking the Marine flying down into the shaft. Before the others can react, Trinity flips out into the hall, decking the nearest Marine. Neo cracks another. The fight is over before it begins.

INT. PRESIDENTIAL SUITE (MATRIX) - DAY - An enormous EXPLOSION THUNDERS above them, shaking the building. The ALARM SOUNDS, emergency sprinklers begin showering the room. Agent Smith smashes a table.

    AGENT SMITH: Find them and destroy them!

Agent Jones nods and touches his ear piece.

EXT. ROOF (MATRIX) - DAY - The roof-access tower is now engulfed in flames as Neo and Trinity lay waste to a dozen more Marines. Guns and knives, like extensions of their bodies used with the same deadly precision as their feet and their fists.

Across the roof, the pilot inside the army helicopter watches the ferocious onslaught.

    PILOT: I repeat, we are under attack!

Suddenly his face, his whole body dissolves, consumed by spreading locust-like swarm, of STATIC as -- Agent Jones emerges.

Just as she drops the last Marine, Trinity sees what's coming. Neo sees her, the fear in her face, and he knows what is behind him. Screaming, he whirls, GUNS filling his hands with thought-speed. Fingers PUMPING, SHELLS ejecting, dancing up and away, we look through the sights and gun smoke at -- The Agent blurred with motion -- Until the HAMMERS CLICK against empty metal.

    NEO: Trinity!

Agent Jones charges.

    NEO: ... help.

His GUN BOOMS as we enter the liquid space of -- Bullet-time. The AIR SIZZLES with wads of lead-like angry flies as Neo twists, bends, ducks just between them. Agent Jones still running, narrows the gap, the BULLETS coming faster until -- Neo bent impossibly back, one hand on the ground as a spiraling gray ball shears open his shoulder. He starts to scream as another digs a red groove across his thigh. He has only time to look up, to see the barrel when Agent Jones, standing over him, pulls the TRIGGER the final time. CLICK. Empty.

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