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Original MatriX Script Part 23

Wearing Tank's operator headgear, Cypher moves among the silent bodies.

    CYPHER: In a way you're very lucky. Most people never know why they die. One minute they're alive, the next they're dead. No warning. Nothing. That's why I thought maybe I should tell you. It seemed the least I could do.

He stands over the body of Morpheus, as his anger boils up out of him.

    CYPHER: You see, the truth, the real truth is that the war is over. It's been over for a long time. And guess what? We lost! Did you hear that? We lost the war!

    TRINITY: What about Zion?

    CYPHER: Zion? Zion is a part of this delusion. More of this madness. That's why this has to be done. It has to end. Now and forever.

She suddenly sees the entire dark plan.

    TRINITY: Oh my God. This is about Zion. You gave them Morpheus for the access codes to Zion.

Cypher walks away from Morpheus and bends down next to Apoc's body.

    CYPHER: You see, Trinity, we humans have a place in the future. But it's not here. It's in the Matrix.

    TRINITY: The Matrix isn't real!

    CYPHER: Oh, I disagree, Trinity. I disagree. I think the Matrix is more real than this world. I mean, all I do is pull a plug here. But there, you watch a man die.

He grabs hold of the cable in Apoc's neck, twists it and yanks it out.

    CYPHER: You tell me which is more real.

Apoc seems to go blind for an instant, a scream caught in his throat, his hands reaching for nothing, and then falls dead. Switch screams.

    CYPHER: Welcome to the real world, right?

He laughs.

    TRINITY: Somehow, some way, you're going to pay for this.

    CYPHER: Pay for it? I'm not even going to remember it. It'll be like it never happened. The tree falling in the forest. It doesn't make a sound.

His hand slides around the neck of Switch as he takes hold of her plug. She suddenly feels her body severed from her mind as she is murdered.

    TRINITY: Goddamn you, Cypher!

    CYPHER: Don't hate me, Trinity. I'm just the messenger. And right now I'm going to prove that the message is true.

He stands over Neo.

    CYPHER: If Morpheus was right, then there's no way I can pull this plug, is there?

Hook yourself up with your PC
Hook yourself up with your PC

She turns to Neo, eyes wide with fear, and he knows he is next.

    CYPHER: If he is the One, then in the next few seconds there has to be some kind of miracle to stop me. Because if he dies like the others that means Morpheus was wrong. How can he be the One if he's dead?

He takes hold of the cord when -- She hears an EXPLOSION and a scream. Cypher is on the ground, his left leg blown off at the knee. He rolls over and finds Tank on the ground, and the sights of the plasma rifle.

    TANK: How's it feel, Cypher? Knowing you're about to die?

    NEO: It's Tank! He's alive.

Cypher lunges for Neo's plug just as Tank BLOWS his head off.

INT. APPLIANCE STORE (MATRIX) - DAY - They're both listening, trying to figure out what is happening when the store PHONE starts to RING. Trinity smiles, tears moistening her eyes as Neo throws his arms around her. For a moment, it looks as if they might kiss before Trinity lets go.

    TRINITY: We should, we should hurry.

    NEO: Yeah. Right.

INT. MAIN DECK - Trinity's eyes open, a sense of relief surging through her at the sight of the ship. As Tank unplugs her, she sees his charred wounds.

    TRINITY: Tank, you're hurt.

    TANK: I'll be all right.

    TRINITY: Dozer?

Tank's face tightens.

    TRINITY: I'm sorry, Tank.

EXT. NIKO HOTEL (MATRIX) - DAY - A Japanese luxury hotel in downtown Chicago. A military helicopter sets down on the roof. Heavily armed Marines begin to deploy. Agent Jones gets out of the helicopter, flanked by columns of Marines. They open the roof access door and enter the top-floor maintenance level of the hotel.

INT. TOP FLOOR (MATRIX) - DAY - They get in the elevator. At every door, at least two Marines stop and post guard.

INT. HALL (MATRIX) - DAY - They exit the elevator and walk to the Presidential suite; the final two Marines post guard.

INT. PRESIDENTIAL SUITE (MATRIX) - DAY - Inside, he finds Agent Smith.

    AGENT JONES: There is a problem. Reagan has failed to secure the hardware.

Agent Smith stares out the window.

    AGENT SMITH: Never send a human to do a machine's job.

    AGENT JONES: But if Reagan has failed, why haven't they pulled the plug?

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