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Original MatriX Script Part 22

INT. MAIN DECK - Dozer spots the wreck.

    DOZER: There he is.

    TANK: I got you.

    CYPHER (V.O.): Just get me outta here.


    TANK (V.O.): Nearest exit is Franklin and Erie. An old appliance store.

Cypher hangs up and smiles as the fire trucks arrive.

    CYPHER: An actor. Definitely.

INT. MAIN DECK - The PHONE RINGS. Tank answers.

    TANK: Operator.

    TRINITY (V.O.): Tank, it's me.

EXT. STREET (MATRIX) - DAY - They are outside a pawn shop. Trinity has a new cellular.

    TRINITY: We need an exit!

    TANK (V.O.): Gotcha. You're not far from Cypher.

    TRINITY: Cypher, I thought --

    TANK (V.O.): So did we. That boy's got nine lives. I sent him to Franklin and Erie.

    TRINITY: Got it.

She hangs up.

EXT. STREET (MATRIX) - DAY - Running, Cypher turns onto Erie.

INT. APPLIANCE STORE (MATRIX) - DAY - Dead machines, eviscerated and shrouded with dust lay on metal shelves like bodies in a morgue. Plywood covering a small window is ripped off and Cypher crawls inside. Deep in the back room, a PHONE that has not rung in years begins to RING.

INT. MAIN DECK - Tank punches the emit command.

    TANK: Got him.

Cypher's body twitches in its harness, jerking itself awake. His eyes blink open. Dozer unplugs him.

    DOZER: System check looks fine.

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Cypher stands, a raspy cough spewing from his lungs.

EXT. STREET (MATRIX) - DAY - Trinity sees the appliance shop.

INT. MAIN DECK - Cypher holds his chest.

    DOZER: You okay?

    CYPHER: Goddamn gas. My lungs are killing me.

He crosses to an overhead bin.

    CYPHER: We got any pain killers?

    DOZER: The first aid kit's over here.

As Dozer stoops for a cabinet, Cypher pulls back a heavy blanket exposing a plasma rifle.

INT. APPLIANCE STORE (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo crawls through the window that Cypher opened.

INT. MAIN DECK - Tank finishes loading the exit programs as Cypher rises behind him, swinging the weapon at his back. He looks over as Dozer turns with the first aid kit, a look of frozen disbelief crossing his face --

    DOZER: No!

Tank spins as red hot wads of PLASMA EXPLODE through his chair and into his back. Diving, a second BURST tears up his side -- As Dozer shoots a look at the monitor where Tank was working. He stabs the enter command activating the exit sequence and ducks under a BARRAGE of PLASMA FIREINT.

APPLIANCE STORE (MATRIX) - DAY - The PHONE begins to RING as the others crawl in.

    SWITCH: God, I love that sound.

INT. MAIN DECK - Dozer rolls up, grabbing a heavy crowbar from a box of tools. Cypher circles the drive chairs as the sights of the plasma rifle find Dozer's face. Dozer charges, screaming, and the PLASMA RIFLE SCREAMS back.


    TRINITY: You first, Neo.

Neo answers the phone when there is a CLICK. There is no signal. Nothing but silence.

    TRINITY: What happened?

    NEO: I don't know. It just went dead.

Trinity listens to the dead line and takes out the cellular.

INT. MAIN DECK - The operator PHONE begins to RING- Cypher steps over the body of Tank and looks at the monitor.

INT. APPLIANCE STORE (MATRIX) - DAY - Trinity can almost feel him watching them. Every unanswered RING wrings her gut a little tighter, until --

    CYPHER (V.O.): Hello, Trinity.

    TRINITY: Cypher? Where's Tank?

    CYPHER (V.O.): He had an accident.

    TRINITY: An accident? What about Dozer? Is Dozer there?

INT. MAIN DECK - He walks over to Trinity's body, staring down at it hanging in its coma-like stillness.

    CYPHER: You know, for a long time, I thought I was in love with you, Trinity. I used to dream about you...

He nuzzles his face against hers, feeling the softness of it.

    CYPHER: You are a beautiful woman. Too bad things had to work out like this.

We INTER CUT BETWEEN the appliance store and the main deck.

    TRINITY: You killed them.

    APOC: What?!

    SWITCH: Oh God.

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