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Original MatriX Script Part 21

    MORPHEUS: Come on!

Cypher seems to trip as the cloud envelops him.

INT. MAIN DECK - Cypher's body begins to shiver uncontrollably.

    TANK: Nerve gas.

INT. BASEMENT (MATRIX) - DAY - Morpheus watches Cypher disappear into the smoke then follows the others down the wet-black hole.

INT. CATCH BASIN (MATRIX) - DAY - They crawl through greasy black water in a three foot diameter pipe that feeds into the sewer main.

INT. BASEMENT (MATRIX) - DAY - Gas-masked apparitions find the open hole.

EXT. HOTEL LAFAYETTE (MATRIX) - DAY - Cypher is carried out, hand-cuffed, his body still shaking, mucus bubbling out his nose. As he is led past Agent Smith, it almost seems that both men smile.

    AGENT SMITH: We have them now.

INT. SEWER MAIN (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo punches out the screen and then spills down into the main water trough. Oily water forms around them as they wade across the manmade underground river, towards the service catwalk.

Neo is about to pull himself out when he sees them coming. Flashlights and laser sites sweep at them as cops in helmets and heavy armor, looking more machine than human, fill both ends of the tunnel. There is a single manhole cover above them.

Morpheus whispers to Trinity.

    MORPHEUS: You have to get Neo out. Understand? That's all that matters now.

    TRINITY: Morpheus, don't --

    MORPHEUS: He must get out. Do you understand me?

She nods.

A font of water erupts as Morpheus leaps for the manhole ladder, his coat flying open like the wings of a manta ray.

    COPS: There he is! That's him!

Pools of light wash over him as he hauls himself to the surface.

    COP: He's heading for the street!

Trinity urges the others to follow her. Grabbing Neo, they wade quietly away from the chaos.

EXT. STREET (MATRIX) - DAY - Morpheus shoots out of the sewer but the police are waiting for him. The closest cop is armed with a tranquilized gun. He fires -- But Morpheus' is too fast, using the manhole cover as a shield, blocking the darts, then -- Frisbee-ing it into the cop's armored chest, knocking him off his feet. The cops lunge at him but every part of his body is a deadly weapon moving with impossible speed. It seems he might fight his way out when he throws a spinning back fist that is caught by -- Agent Smith.

    AGENT SMITH: So, we meet at last.

    MORPHEUS: And you are?

    AGENT SMITH: Smith. I am Agent Smith.

    MORPHEUS: You all look the same to me.

    AGENT SMITH: I've been waiting for this moment.

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Faster than a snake spits, Morpheus cracks Smith with a jaw-breaking right.

    MORPHEUS: Oh, so have I.

Agent Smith smiles.

INT. SEWER MAIN (MATRIX) - DAY - Trinity leads the others, fading into the darkness of the tunnel, lit only with shafts of lights streaming through the street drains as we RISE TOWARDS them -- THROUGH a grate INTO the fight.

EXT. STREET (MATRIX) - DAY - Smith and Morpheus exchange a furious serious of blows that is witnessed but not believed by the surrounding police. Agent Smith delivers a punishing kick that staggers Morpheus.

    AGENT SMITH: You can't win.

Morpheus smiles.

    MORPHEUS: I already have.

He stands up and drops his fists; a steely resolve in his eyes.

    AGENT SMITH: Take him.

Cops swarm over Morpheus.

INT. MAIN DECK - Tank reaches out to the screen as if reaching for Morpheus.

    TANK: No!

EXT. HOTEL LAFAYETTE (MATRIX) - DAY - Cuffed and beaten, Morpheus is thrown into a caged transport vehicle. The DOOR CLANGS shut. Agent Jones finds Agent Smith.

    AGENT JONES: The others were lost.

    AGENT SMITH: You've taken care of Reagan?

Agent Jones nods.

    AGENT SMITH: Then the others do not matter.

EXT. STREET (MATRIX) - DAY - A manhole cover cracks open. Two eyes peek out just as a TRUCK RATTLES over it. The THUNDER DOPPLERS AWAY and the cover opens. Neo, Trinity, Switch and Apoc climb out. Trinity pulls a water-logged phone from her pocket.

    TRINITY: We need a phone.

INT. MAIN DECK - Tank is again at the monitors, searching the Matrix.

    TANK: We gotta find the others. They're still alive.


    TANK: Operator.

    CYPHER (V.O.): I need an exit! Fast!

    TANK: Cypher? I thought they had you?

EXT. STREET (MATRIX) - DAY - Cypher is standing at a public phone. Across the street is the burning paddy wagon that appears to have collided with an oncoming car.

    CYPHER: There was an accident. A fucking car accident. All of a sudden. Boom. They're all dead. I still got the shakes but, Jesus, someone's going to make a believer out of me.A

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