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Original MatriX Script Part 17

    MORPHEUS: How's he doing?

    TANK: We just finished the operation programs and he's showing great retention.

    MORPHEUS: Good. I want everyone alerted to 12-hour stand-by. We're going in. Neo, it's time for you to know why you're here.

Morpheus walks away.

    NEO: What's he talking about?

    TANK: He's taking you into the Matrix to see her.

    NEO: See who?

    TANK: The Oracle.

Neo looks down at the monitor teeming with Matrix data that seems to coalesce, equations giving way to images as a METAL SCREAM RISES BECOMING --

EXT. CHICAGO (MATRIX) - DAY - An El train.

INT. HOTEL LAFAYETTE (MATRIX) - DAY - The room is empty, heavy curtains covering windows. It looks as if it hasn't been touched in years. In the bedroom with the cracked oval mirror an old black PHONE begins to RING.

In the mirror, we first glimpse them and as we keep TURNING, the room fills with equipment and the team.

Morpheus answers the phone.

    MORPHEUS: We're in.

He hangs up.

    MORPHEUS: Mouse and Cable hold the exit. Let's go.

INT. STAIRWELL (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo follows the others down the stairwell that winds around an antique elevator shaft.

    NEO: Did you have to do this?

    TRINITY: Yeah.

    NEO: What did she tell you?

    TRINITY: Lots of things.

    NEO: Any of them true?

Trinity looks at him, then looks away.

    TRINITY: Some of them.

    GIZMO: Were they good or bad?

    TRINITY: There's no point in worrying. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen.

They cross the old lobby. Switch and Apoc stop at the doors.

    MORPHEUS: We should be back in an hour.

Hook yourself up with your PC
Hook yourself up with your PC

EXT. HOTEL LAFAYETTE (MATRIX) - DAY - Neo squints into the sun that seems unnaturally bright. He is the only one without sunglasses.

    MORPHEUS: Do you now understand what it means when we say, if you're not one of us, you're one of them?

    NEO: The agents. They're sentient programs. They can commandeer any software hardwired to the mainframe.

    MORPHEUS: Anyone that is still in a power plant. That is why we try to be invisible in the Matrix.

    NEO: The best hacking is always traceless.

Cypher and Trinity move away from them, securing the perimeter. As Cypher passes a garbage can, he surreptitiously drops something inside. It is a cellular phone and we watch the blue display as the LINE CONNECTS.

An early 1970s, black Lincoln Continental emerges from a corrugated roll-up garage. Morpheus and Neo get in.

INT. LINCOLN CONTINENTAL (MATRIX) - DAY - An enormous man is waiting for them. A wad of chewing tobacco bulges his cheek. He spits into a Coke can.

    MOJO: Morpheus, been a long time coming.

    MORPHEUS: You're looking well, Mojo.

Mojo coughs a brown, cankerous laugh, juice speckling his chin and shirt. He stares at Neo.

    MOJO: You bringing us geriatrics now, Morpheus?

He spits and laughs again.

    MOJO: Guess you are looking for a miracle.

EXT. BAR (MATRIX) - DAY - The Continental pulls up to a bar in the kind of neighborhood where every corner has a pair of eyes.

INT. BAR (MATRIX) - DAY - A lightless, lower-class bar. No one enters that is not expected. The front doors open in a brilliant burst of sunlight as Mojo leads Morpheus and Neo inside. Neo looks around, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. Mojo talks to the bartender, then looks over.

    MOJO: All right, it's cool. Go on back.

They weave their way to the back of the bar, the STICKY FLOOR SNAPPING under their FEET.

A monolith of a man rises from his stool as they walk up.

    REX: You're late.

He moves to the side, opening the heavy iron door behind him. They descend the basement staircase toward the single bare bulb at the bottom, hanging above the only door.

INT. BASEMENT (MATRIX) - DAY - A high-tech laptop and modem are set up on a stack of milk crates. Neo waits as Morpheus types in a series of access codes. After a moment the screen blinks, "Welcome Morpheus."

Morpheus walks back to the same door they entered, but it now leads into --

INT. TEMPLE OF ZION (MATRIX) - DAY - The walls and floors are polished marble. Neo follows, his mouth agape.

    NEO: What -- what happened?

    MORPHEUS: This is the temple. It is a part of Zion's mainframe. It's hidden inside the Matrix so that we can access it.

Two PRIESTESSES are waiting in the antechamber.

    PRIESTESS: Hello, Morpheus. We've been expecting you.

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