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Original MatriX Script Part 15

    MOUSE: You ever seen anyone that fast that soon, Tank?

    TANK: Never.

    APOC: Morpheus is right. He's got to be the one.

INT. DOJO - The speed of the blows rises like a drum solo that seems impossible to sustain. Neo's face sheds its mask of calm with a scream.

He wants to beat Morpheus bad. Finally a single blow catches Morpheus on the side of the head, knocking his glasses off.

INT. MAIN DECK - There are several gasps.

    MOUSE: I don't believe it!

INT. DOJO - Morpheus rubs his face.

    MORPHEUS: You are angry with me.

Neo pants.

    NEO: I, uh... maybe.

    MORPHEUS: It's all right. It's natural.

    NEO: I feel better.

    MORPHEUS: Good, good. Anger is a gift, Neo, but it's a heavy one.

Morpheus smiles.

    MORPHEUS: Tank, load the jump program.

Neo straightens as the dojo DISSOLVES away like a curtain lifting, leaving the two men now standing on a building rooftop in a city skyline.

    MORPHEUS: You have to learn to let go of that anger. You must let go of everything.

A WIND HOWLS, whipping Morpheus' long coat to the side.

    MORPHEUS: You must empty yourself to free your mind.

Morpheus spins, running hard at the edge of the rooftop. And jumps. He sails through the air, his coat billowing out behind him like a cape -- Somersaults once and lands on the rooftop across the street.

    NEO: Shit.

Neo looks down at the street twenty floors below, then at Morpheus an impossible fifty feet away.

    NEO: Okie dokie.

He takes a deep breath.

    NEO: Yeah. Free my mind. Right. No problem.

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He concentrates. Runs.

INT. MAIN DECK - They are transfixed.

    CABLE: He's gonna make it.

    APOC: No way. Not possible.

    MOUSE: No one's ever made their first jump.

    SWITCH: What if he does?

    APOC: He won't.

    TANK: It's never been done.

Trinity stares at the screen, her fists clenching as she whispers.

    TRINITY: Come on.

EXT. ROOFTOP - Summoning every ounce of strength in his legs, Neo launches himself into the air in a single maniacal shriek -- But comes up drastically short.

His eyes widen as he plummets. Stories fly by, the ground rushing up at him, but as he hits -- The ground gives way, stretching like a trapeze net. He bounces and flips, slowly coming to a rest, flat on his back.

He laughs, a bit unsure, wiping the wind-blown tears from his face. Morpheus exits the building and helps him to his feet.

    MORPHEUS: Everyone falls the first time.

Neo nods quietly.

    MORPHEUS: If you never know failure, how can you know success?

INT. MAIN DECK - They break up.

    MOUSE: What does it mean?

    CABLE: It doesn't mean anything.

    CYPHER: Everyone falls, right, Trinity?

But Trinity has left.

Neo's eyes open as Tank eases the plug out. He tries to move and groans, cradling his ribs. While Tank helps Morpheus, Neo spits blood into his hand.

    NEO: I thought it wasn't real.

Neo stares at the blood.

    NEO: If you are killed in the Matrix, you die here?

    MORPHEUS: The body cannot live without the mind.

INT. NEO'S ROOM - Trinity enters from the hall, carrying a try of food.

    TRINITY: Neo, I saved you some dinner --

She sees him passed out on the bed. She sets the tray down and pulls the blanket over him. She pauses, her face close to his, then inhales lightly, breathing in the scent of him, before slowly pulling away.

It seems the moment she closes the door, he wakes with a start, unsure of where he is. After a moment, he gets out of bed.

INT. HALL - The ship is quiet and dark. Everyone is asleep.

INT. MAIN DECK - The core glows with monitor light. Cypher is in the operator's chair as Neo cones up behind him.

    CYPHER: Whoa! Shit, Neo, you scared the bejeezus out of me.

    NEO: Sorry.

    CYPHER: No, it's all right.

    NEO: What are you doing?

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