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Original MatriX Script Part 13

    MORPHEUS: It scorched and burned the sky. Without the sun, the machines sought out a new energy source to survive.

The Sentinel locks up, as heat lightning of black ink bursts against the sky, spreading into a permanent cloud of stain.

    MORPHEUS: They discovered a new form of fusion. All that was required to initiate the reaction was a small electric charge. Throughout human history we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

We return to the power plant that Neo escaped from where we see human beings looking almost blissful in their gelatin cocoons.

    MORPHEUS:  The human body generates more bioelectricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 B.T.U.'s of body heat.

Outside, spreading all around the power plant, beneath a breathing greenhouse, are the growing fields.

    MORPHEUS: We are, as an energy source, easily renewable and completely recyclable, the dead liquefied and fed intravenously to the living.

Huge farm-like reapers are harvesting the crop.

    MORPHEUS: All they needed to control this new battery was something to occupy our mind.

We see inside a clear tubular husk. Floating in viscous fluid, there is a human fetus; its soft skull already growing around the brain-jack.

    MORPHEUS: And so they built a prison out of our past, wired it to our brains and turned us into slaves.

We PULL BACK to find the image is now on the television and we are again inside the white space of the Construct.

    NEO: No! I don't believe it! It's not possible!

    MORPHEUS: I didn't say that it would be easy, Neo. I just said that it would be the truth.

The room without walls begins to spin.

    NEO: Stop! Let me out! I want out!

INT. MAIN DECK - His eyes snap open and he thrashes against the chair, trying to rip the cable from the back of his neck.

    NEO: Get this thing out of me!

    TRINITY: Easy, Neo. Easy.

Dozer holds him while Trinity unlocks it. Once it's out, he tears away from them, falling as he trips free of the harness.

    NEO: Don't touch me! Get away from me!

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On his hands and knees, he reels as the world spins. Sweat pours off him as a pressure builds inside his skull as if his brain had been put into a centrifuge.

    CYPHER: He's going to pop!

Vomiting violently, Neo pitches forward and blacks out.

INT. NEO'S ROOM - He blinks, regaining consciousness. The room is dark. Neo is stretched out on his bed.

    NEO: I can't go back, can I?

Morpheus sitting like a shadow on a chair in the far corner.

    MORPHEUS: No. But if you could, would you really want to?

Neo isn't sure of that answer.

    MORPHEUS: I feel that I owe you an apology. There is a rule that we do not free a mind once it reaches a certain age. It is dangerous. They have trouble letting go. Their mind turns against them. I've seen it happen. I broke the rule because I had to.

He stares into the darkness, confessing as much to himself as Neo.

    MORPHEUS: When the Matrix was first built there was a man born inside that had the ability to change what he wanted, to remake the Matrix as he saw fit. It was this man that freed the first of us and taught us the secret of the war; control the Matrix and you control the future.

He pauses.

    MORPHEUS: When he died, the Oracle at the temple of Zion prophesied his return and envisioned an end to the war and freedom for our people. That is why there are those of us that have spent our entire lives searching the Matrix, looking for him.

Neo can feel his eyes on him.

    MORPHEUS: I did what I did, because I believe we have been brought here for a reason, Neo. You are here to serve a purpose, just as I am here to serve mine.

    NEO: I told you I don't believe in fate.

Morpheus smiles, leaning towards him.

    MORPHEUS: But I do, Neo. I do.

He stands up.

    MORPHEUS: Get some rest. You're going to need it.

    NEO: For what?

    MORPHEUS: Your training.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - There is no morning; there is only darkness and then the fluorescent light sticks flicker on.

INT. NEO'S ROOM - Neo is awake in his bed, staring up at the lights. The door opens and TANK steps inside.

    TANK: Morning. Did you sleep?

    NEO: No.

    TANK: You will tonight. I guarantee it. I'm Tank. I'll be your operator.

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