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Original MatriX Script Part 12

INT. MAIN DECK - Everyone is there.

    MORPHEUS: This is the main deck. You know most of my crew.

Trinity smiles and nods.

    MORPHEUS: The ones you don't know. That's Mouse and Switch. The two big guys are Tank and Dozer.

The names and faces wash meaninglessly over Neo.

    MORPHEUS: And this, this is the Core. This is where we broadcast our pirate signal and hack into the Matrix.

It is a swamp of bizarre electronic equipment. Vines of coaxial hang and snake to and from huge monolithic battery slabs, a black portable satellite dish and banks of little systems and computer monitors. At the center of the web, there are six ectoskeleton chairs made of a poly-alloy frame and suspension harness. Near the circle of chairs is the control console and operator's station where the network is monitored.

    MORPHEUS: Help him, Trinity.

Neo allows himself to be helped into one of the chairs.

    MORPHEUS: Do you remember when I asked you about an apparatus that could turn a virtual reality into reality?

Neo nods.

    MORPHEUS: It's right here.

He touches Neo's head.

    MORPHEUS: And it's accessed here.

Neo feels Morpheus guiding a coaxial line into the jack at the back of his neck. The cable has the same kind of cerebellum chip we saw inside the plant.

    MORPHEUS: This will feel a little weird.

There are several disturbing NOISES as he works the needle in. We MOVE IN as Neo's shoulders bunch and his face tightens into a grimace until a loud CLICK fires and his ears pop like when you equalize them underwater. He relaxes, opening his eyes as we pull back to a feeling of weightlessness inside another place --

INT. CONSTRUCT - Neo is standing in an empty, blank-white space.

    MORPHEUS: This is the Construct.

Startled, Neo whips around and finds Morpheus now in the room with him.

    MORPHEUS: It is our loading program. We can load anything from clothes, to weapons, to training simulations. Anything we need.

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Morpheus walks past Neo and when Neo turns he sees the two leather chairs from the hotel set up in front of a large-screen television.

    MORPHEUS: Sit down.

Neo stands at the back of the chair as Morpheus sits.

    NEO: Right now, we're inside a computer program?

    MORPHEUS: Wild, isn't it?

Neo's hands run over the cracked leather.

    NEO: This isn't real?

    MORPHEUS: What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about your senses, what you feel, taste, smell, or see, then all you're talking about are electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

He picks up a remote control and clicks ON the TELEVISION. We drift through the Windy City circa 1996.

    MORPHEUS: This is the Chicago you know. Chicago as it was at the end of the twentieth century. This Chicago exists only as part of a neural-interactive simulation that we call the Matrix.

We GLIDE AT the television as he changes the channel.

    MORPHEUS: You have been living inside Baulliaurd's vision, inside the map, not the territory. This is Chicago as it exists today.

The sky is an endless sea of black and green bile. The earth, scorched and split like burnt flesh, spreads out beneath us as we ENTER the television.

    MORPHEUS: 'The desert of the real.'

In the distance, we see the ruins of a future Chicago protruding from the wasteland like the blackened ribs of a long-dead corpse.

    MORPHEUS: We are, right now, miles below the earth's surface. The only place humans can survive outside the Matrix is underground.

Still MOVING, we TURN and find Neo and Morpheus; the chairs now sitting in the middle of the black desert. Dizzy, Neo holds onto the chair.

    NEO: What happened?

    MORPHEUS: It started early in the twentyfirst century, with the birth of artificial intelligence, a singular consciousness that spawned an entire race of machines.

In his sunglasses, we see storm clouds gather.

    MORPHEUS: At first all they wanted was to be treated as equals, entitled to the same human inalienable rights. Whatever they were given, it was not enough.

In the circular window of the glasses, EXPLOSIONS light up a bloody battle field.

    MORPHEUS: We don't know who struck first. Us or them. But sometime at the end of the twenty-first century the battle was joined.

We MOVE INTO his glasses and the war surrounds us.

    MORPHEUS: The war raged for generations and turned the face of our planet from green and blue to black and red.

At last we see the Sentinels; killing machines that are at once terrifying and beautiful. They have an organic architecture like a microbiotic organism, that is perpetually in motion.

The Sentinel cracks the body armor of a soldier, splitting open the soft, stearing meat inside.

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