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Original MatriX Script Part 11

To either side he sees other tube-shaped pods filled with red gelatin; beneath the wax-like surface, pale and motionless, he sees other human beings.

Fanning out in a circle, there are more. All connected to a center core, each capsule like a red, dimly glowing petal attached to a black metal stem. Above him, level after, level, the stem rises seemingly forever. He moves to the foot of the capsule and looks out.

The image assaults his mind. Towers of glowing petals spiral up to incomprehensible heights, disappearing down into a dim murk like an underwater abyss.

His sight is blurred and warped, exaggerating the intensity of the vision. The sound of the PLANT is like the sound of the ocean heard from inside the belly of Leviathan.

Below Neo, a petal detaches from the stem, bearing away the body of an old man like an automated barge even as a new pod rises up and plugs itself into the empty space.

Inside the new capsule, its surface more translucent and pinkish in color, Neo sees a small baby.

From above, a machine drops directly in front of Neo. He swallows his scream as it seems to stare at him. It is almost insect-like in its design; beautiful housings of alloyed metal covering organic-like systems of hard and soft polymers.

A black particle beam washes over Neo, he reacts in pain as the scanner seems to expose the nervous system wired to the coaxial cable at his cerebral cortex. At the back of the neck, the cable lock spins and opens, disengaging.

The cable pulls itself free, a long clear plastic needle and cerebrum-chip slides from the anterior of Neols skull with an ooze of blood and spinal fluid. The other connective hoses snap free and snake away as -- The back of the unit opens and a tremendous vacuum, like an airplane door opening, sucks the gelatin and then Neo into a black hole.

INT. WASTE LINE - The pipe is a waste disposal system and Neo falls, sliding with the clot of gelatin. Banking through pipe spirals and elbows, flushing up through grease traps clogged with cily clumps of cellulite.

Neo begins to drown when he is suddenly snatched from the flow of waste. The metallic cable then lifts, pulling him up into the belly of the futuristic flying machine, hovering inside the sewer main line.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - The metal harness opens and drops the half-conscious Neo onto the floor.

Human hands and arms help him up as he finds himself looking straight at Morpheus. Trinity and Apoc. And others, dressed in bizarre, hightech combat gear.

Morpheus smiles.

    MORPHEUS: Welcome to the real world, Neo.

Neo passes out.


We have no sense of time. We hear VOICES whispering.

    MAN (O.S.): Do you think Morpheus is right? Do you think he could be the One?

    WOMAN (O.S.): It doesn't matter now. But if he's wrong...


Hook yourself up with your PC
Hook yourself up with your PC

NEO'S POV - Neo's eyes flutter open. We see Trinity's face above us, angelic in the fluorescent glow of a light stick.


    NEO: ... am I dead?

    TRINITY: Far from it.



ANGLE ON NEO - He opens his eyes again, something tingling through him. He focuses and sees his body pierced with dozens of acupuncture-like needles wired to a strange device.

    DOZER: He needs a lot of work.

    MORPHEUS: I know.

Dozer and Morpheus are operating on Neo.

    NEO: What are you doing?

    MORPHEUS: Your muscles have atrophied. We're rebuilding them.

Fluorescent light sticks burn unnaturally bright.

    NEO: Why do my eyes hurt?

    MORPHEUS: You've never used them before.

Morpheus takes his sunglasses off and puts them on Neo. Neo lays back.

    MORPHEUS: Rest, Neo. The answers are coming.

INT. NEO'S ROOM - Neo wakes up from a deep sleep, feeling better. He is wearing a black tank top and shorts. He begins to examine himself. There is a futuristic IV plugged into the jack in his forearm. He pulls it out, staring at the grafted outlet.

He feels his bald head. His fingers find and explore the large outlet in the base of his skull. Just as he starts to come unglued, Morpheus opens the door.

    NEO: Morpheus, what's happened to me? What is this place?

    MORPHEUS: More important than what, is when?

    NEO: When?

    MORPHEUS: You believe the year is 1997 when in fact it is much closer to 2197. I cannot say for certain what year it is because we honestly do not know.

The wind is knocked from Neo's chest.

NEO: That's not possible.

    MORPHEUS: I promised you the truth, Neo, and the truth is that the world you were living in was a lie.

    NEO: How?

    MORPHEUS: I'll show you.

INT. HOVERCRAFT - Like a sleepwalker, Neo follows Morpheus through the ship.

    MORPHEUS: This is my ship, the Nebuchadnezzar. It's a hovercraft. Small like a submarine. It's dark. It's cramped and cold. But it's home.

They climb a ladder up to the main deck.

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