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Original MatriX Script Part 10

    APOC: Almost.

He and Trinity are working quickly, hardwiring a complex system of monitors, modules and drives.

    NEO: Apoc? You wrote the Four Horsemen Virus.

    APOC: That's right.

    MORPHEUS: Neo, time is always against us. Will you take a seat there?

In the center of the room sits a chair. Near the chair is an old oval dressing mirror that is cracked.

    MORPHEUS: I imagine you know something about virtual reality.

Neo sits and Trinity begins gently fixing white electrode disks to his head, arms, and the back of his neck.

    NEO: A little.

    MORPHEUS: Tell me about it.

    NEO: Essentially, it's a hardware system that uses an apparatus; headgear, gloves and whatever to make you feel that you are in a computer program.

    MORPHEUS: If the virtual reality apparatus, as you called it, was wired to all of your senses and controlled them completely, would you be able to tell the difference between the virtual world and the real world?

    NEO: You might not, no.

    MORPHEUS: No, you wouldn't.

Neo whispers to Trinity.

    NEO: You did all this?

She nods, placing a set of headphones over his ears. They are wired to an old hotel phone.

MORPHEUS: The pill you took is part of a trace program. It's going to make things feel a bit strange. Distantly, through the ear phones, he hears Apoc POUNDING on a KEYBOARD. Sweat beads his face. His eyes blink and twitch when he notices the mirror. Wide-eyed he stares as it begins to heal itself, a web work of cracks that slowly run together as though the mirror were becoming liquid.

    NEO: Shit...

Cypher works with Apoc checking reams of phosphorescent data. Trinity monitors Neo's electric vital signs. Neo reaches out to touch the mirror and his fingers disappear beneath the rippling surface. Quickly, he tries to pull his fingers out but the mirror stretches in long rubbery strands like mirrored-taffy stuck to his fingertips.

    NEO: What is this? Mescaline?

    MORPHEUS: Just relax, Neo.

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The strands thin like rubber cement as he pulls away, until the fragile wisps of mirror thread break. With the TINKLING of GLASS, shimmering snowflakes of electric-blinking mercury fall, hit the ground, and fade.

He looks at his hand; fingers distended into mirrored icicles that begin to melt rapidly, dripping, running like wax down his fingers, spreading across his palms where he sees his face reflected.

    NEO: Uh-oh...

    TRINITY: It's going into replication.

    MORPHEUS: Apoc?

    APOC: Still nothing.

Morpheus takes out a cellular phone and dials a number.

    MORPHEUS: Tank, we're going to need the signal soon. Stay calm, Neo.

The mirror gel seems to come to life, racing, crawling up his arms like hundreds of insects.

    NEO: It's cold.

The mirror creeps up his neck as Neo begins to panic, tipping his head as though he were sinking into the mirror, trying to keep his mouth up.

    NEO: It's all over me --

Morpheus is right next to him, with the phone.

    TRINITY: I got a fibrillation!

    CYPHER: I knew it, I knew it...

    MORPHEUS: Shit! Apoc?

Streams of mercury run from Neo's nose.

    APOC: Targeting... almost there.

An ALARM, on Trinity's monitor ERUPTS.

    TRINITY: He's going into arrest!

    CYPHER: He's gonna pop!

    APOC: Lock! I got him!

    MORPHEUS: Now, Tank now!

His eyes tear with mirror, rolling up and closing as a high-pitched ELECTRIC SCREAM ERUPTS in the headphones -- It is a piercing SHRIEK like a computer calling to another computer -- Neo's body arches in agony and we are pulled like we were pulled into the holes of the phone Sucked into his SCREAM and swallowed by darkness.

INT. POWER PLANT - CLOSE ON MAN'S BODY - Floating in a womb-red amnion. His body spasms, fighting against the thick gelatin. Metal tubes, surreal versions of hospital tubes, obscure his face. Other lines like IVs are connected to limbs and cover his genitals. He is struggling desperately now. Air bubbles into the Jell-O but does not break the surface. Pressing up, the surface distends, stretching like a red rubber cocoon.

Unable to breathe, he fights wildly to stand, clawing at the thinning elastic shroud -- Until it ruptures, a hole widening around his mouth as he sucks for air. Tearing himself free, he emerges from the cell.

It is Neo.

He is bald and naked, his body slick with gelatin. Dizzy, nauseous, he waits for his vision to focus. He is standing in an oval capsule of clear alloy filled with red gelatin, the surface of which has solidified like curdled milk. The IVs in his arms are plugged into outlets that appear to be grafted to his flesh.

He feels the weight of another cable and reaches to the back of his head where he finds an enormous coaxial plugged and locked into the base of his skull. He tries to pull it out but it would be easier to pull off a finger.

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