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Protocol for a smooth and happy link exchange with

  • Put the link to with the description on your site.
  • Send me an email by clicking here:


  • Please include:
    • a link to your page with the link to,
    • the link you would like me to put up on my site to your site or page,
    • a short discription to go with your link.

I will have a look at your site, and if I agree to exchange links, I will include your link on my link page. When I'm done, I will reply to your email to let you know that I added your link. And that's it!

Feel free to copy the code in the box below by highlighting the content with your mouse and clicking on the Edit/Copy menu. Then, go to the appropriate place on your website and paste in the code:

And this is what my link on your site will look like:

Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing
A multifarious site introducing the art of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing and other tools to develop your psychic powers, increase telepathic abilities and to deepen your understanding of your reality.

I'm looking forward to exchange links with you!



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