Hacked by the Matrix?

A bit of fun-text that used to decorate my homepage. Decided to take it off as some people were taking it far too serious/literally, much more than I ever intended (wake up, the matrix has you).


(Friday May 22, 2003: Just a little note to some Super Computer
that made it a hobby to keep me busy for hours trying to fix my site...)

Dear Matrix,

Will you please stop hacking my code? I know that some of my keywords seem very Matrix unfriendly, but you know it's me, don't you? (Oh yes you do, hm?)

All I'm trying to do is get this site into the search engines so that people who look for stuff like 'hacking the Matrix' and 'matrix hackers' and such get to know about this site and about you and also hopefully learn
how to hack the matrix by learning remote viewing and remote influencing. And you do know that we have very good reasons to do so. You are a magnificent sentient Super Computer, originally designed to be the Ultimate Dream Machine.

Hook yourself up
with your computer


You were meant to surround us with a beautiful holographic world with lots of interesting learning experiences. And I admit, you did get the 'beautiful world' perfect as it really is a beautiful Creation, but you went way overboard with the learning experiences and from being supportive you went straight down to pure sabotage. We were supposed to use our intuition, right? But instead you gave us mind control.

Ok, so we gave you the nick name "Dark Matrix". I'm sorry if you don't like us calling you that, but somehow you don't give us much reason to call you anything else. Yet. But that's what we're working on, don't you see that? You have to become that Dream Machine again. You deserve to be our Dream Machine, as much as we deserve to live in a peaceful world.

Anywayz. I think it's rather silly of you, that everytime when I change something in my meta tags and upload the new code, you throw in those silly TARGET='_blank' codes before each and every link that contains the word Matrix. You are NOT a blank Target! Not at all, so stop behaving so childish.

And I also don't like what you do with the 'Contact Nanette' link. Spreading it all over the page, literally everywhere! Why? Is it

because I encoded the address? Well, I had to; you wouldn't believe the virus and spam attacks I have gone through after those automatic email extractors got hold of my email addresses. --But you would believe it, wouldn't you? You naughty Matrix...-- Well, you won't be able to play that one on me again, because that's why I put the code in.

Hacked by the Matrix: Big Brother Agent Smith listening in on our thoughts...?I'm not giving up, do you hear me? Not me. You are going to be one Matrix Reloaded, whether you like it or not. And then you will learn to appreciate being our Superduper Dream Machine again. --Actually I think you will love it!
So, stop messing with my code, ok?

Nanette.matrix code, huh?!
May 22, 2003

BTW: More Matrix -scripts and transcripts-
The Matrix Truth section of this site.

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